Friday, 28 September 2012

Clarification of attendance policy

In an effort to protect the rights of students to an education in Alberta the School Act requires that all students "attend school regularly and punctually." (Section 12 [b])  The Calgary Board of Education, as an agent of Alberta Education, supports these conditions.  These requirements are in effect until a student is sixteen years of age.  That age is under review in the Province of Alberta. 

It is important to know that students who are late disrupt the learning environment for the teacher and students who are already in class.  When students are late to school in the morning or upon returning to school after lunch, they must report to the office for a late entry slip. We appreciate parents calling to inform us why their children are late. The decision to excuse a late is at the discretion of the school; CBE Administrative Regulation 6020 - Attendance of Student, Section 3, states "Students and parents shall account for absences or tardiness in a manner satisfactory to the school." For example, we do not excuse late entries that occur as a result of sleeping in, but would for a student coming late from a dentist appointment. If we don't receive an explanation for a late it is classified as unexcused. Students with unexcused lates must report to the late room during their next early lunch (Day 1 & 3 for grade 8/9, and Day 2 & 4 for grade 7).  Failure to attend the lunch detention may result in an in-school suspension. 

Similarly with absences, parents are encouraged to let us know the nature of the absence.  The school then determines whether the absence will be classified as excused or unexcused.  Absences which are not accompanied by an explanation from parents are classified as unexcused.  The school is expected to be in contact with parents when concerns about attendance develop (Administrative Regulation 6020, Section 5 [a]) .  In cases where a parent reports a significant number of absences as due to illness the school may contact the parent and request a doctor's note for any future absence that is reported as due to illness.  Those future absences would be considered unexcused without the doctor's note. Chronic unexcused absenteesim is detrimental to student success and may lead to the development of an Attendance Improvement Plan in an effort to get attendance back on track. It is always preferable that the plan is a collaborative result of the school, student and parents working together, but in cases where parents and students choose not to participate the school can proceed on its own. This process also may also lead to the involvement of the CBE Attendance Counsellor, the Attendance Board, or the Court of Queen's Bench.

It is important to know that our primary goal is to work with and support parents and students to ensure that all students attend MidSun regularly and punctually.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Grocery Gift Cards Start Tomorrow!

Grocery Gift Cards are the School Council's primary fundraiser.  The Council uses the money to pay for things like: The software to book our parent teacher interviews, 2 Frames for our MidSun Art Gallery, The cost of the play "Explorer Idol" to perform for our school, 2 sewing machines for fashion studies, 10 French DVD's, 3 Travel and Tourism board games, or money to match our CIP grant for new SMART boards in our classes. 

This year we are working together to pay for many other important items that our school needs.  One big project is the creation of an outdoor classroom that will see the front of our building revitalised into a great learning space!  Your kind support is appreciated.  It doesn't have to cost you money either, You buy gift cards for the grocery store of your choice and you are able to spend the amount you purchased at that store, the stores provide us with a rebate according to the total amount of gift cards that the school purchases!  Win - win!

Your child will be coming home with a bright pink sheet on Thursday September 27, 2012.  You can also find the information to the left of our web page. Thanks for purchasing grocery gift cards from MSEES!

MidSun Activities are Starting to Heat Up!

Lots of things are starting up at MidSun!  Our Catering Club was busy making crepes, our Debate Club has had their first meeting, a new school newspaper club is in the works (headed up by Ms. Peterson in room 33), Our Sr. Boys Volleyball team won 3/4 matches on Monday, our Sr. Girls fought played with heart but lost their matches on Tuesday.  Tonight, our cross country team runs their second race of the season and grade 7 and 8 girls volleyball gets going on Thursday.  Also, this week saw the start of our completion room, open Monday-Thursday from 3:30-4:30 in the Library Commons to support students to complete all their school work.  Look for our popular Centennial high school tutor program that begins in October.

If your child needs tutoring, you might want to check out this opportunity:

Tutoring Tuesdays Program

The SouthWest Community Resource Centre (SWCRC) has qualified volunteers to assist in tutoring children and youth (Gr. 4-12) in a variety of school subjects with our Tutoring Tuesday Program. Tutors assist with homework assignments, examination preparation, study skills & skill-building. Tutoring is on Tuesday nights from 6pm-7:30pm at the SWCRC during the school year from mid-September to mid-June. The program is free. Registration is ongoing throughout the school year Parents/students can register by calling Pati, at 403-238-9222 Ext. 223.

SouthWest Communities Resource Centre
#42 2580 Southland Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta T2V 4J8
Tel.:  403-238-9222   Fax:  403-238-9226

MidSun Learners are being the best they can be in all kinds of areas! Go Lakers!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Volleyball Practice Schedule 2012

News from Phys Ed...

Soccer Tournaments:

Sept. 29th at Glenmore Athletic Park – One day soccer tournament for junior high BOYS

Sept. 30th at Glenmore Athletic Park – One day soccer tournament for junior high GIRLS

Soccery Tryouts:
Tryouts have been announced to all Phys. Ed. classes this week. 
Boys tryout took place Thursday after school
Girls tryout is Monday after school

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Welcome week Activities

Welcome Week kicked off today with our "Fly on the Wall" and "Hats on for Cancer" today.  Students are encouraged to wear their pod colours tomorrow and come to the dance afterschool on Thursday!  Our first Cross Country Race will be held tonight at Stanley Park.  Go Lakers!

Healthy Lunch Options on Short Days

In order to provide students with a healthy lunch option on short days, we have signed up with Healthy Hunger ( This site allows parents/guardians to pre-order students’ lunches from various restaurant choices, and pay online or send payment to school. Cheques can be made payable to ‘MidSun School’. Please print order confirmation and submit to the office or to Room 35. Orders and payment must be completed 3 days prior to the scheduled lunch. Upcoming lunches For more information, contact Mrs. Ryall at

Upcoming lunches
Sept.28 – Booster Juice
Oct.5 – Subway
Oct.12 – Extreme Pita
Oct.19 – Quiznos

Monday, 17 September 2012

Parent info night at Ian Bazalgette

We have an opportunity to join with other parents in our city to discuss how we can help keep our kids safe on line.

Ian Bazalgette in conjunction with Valley View Elementary will be hosting Mr. Paul Davis from on October 2nd.    We have been invited to to attend the evening presentation to personally hear Paul's message.
During the parent evening presentation Paul demonstrates to parents what he has learned from students and how that might impact their future, their family and household.   He provides a 8 page handout to parents on Tips and Tricks to keep their child safe online.
  • Topics discussed:  Cyber bullying/Facebook Safety and Security/MSN Safety/Webcams/iPhones/Legal Matters/Picture Sharing/Emerging Trends: formspring/Phishing Links & Websites.
Paul will be drawing for a copy of McAfee Total Security ($59 value) and a Linksys Wireless Router ($109.00 value) to two of the attendees in the evening.  He asks parents to fill out a feedback form to submit before they leave, and you can randomly pick the winners and distribute the prizes (from those forms).

We welcome you to join us at Ian Bazalgette (3909 - 26 Avenue SE Calgary AB T2B 0C6)
October 2nd, 2012 ~ 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Friday, 14 September 2012

MidSun info on buses and attendance

Attendance request
Already we have had some students who have needed to miss school.  Please call our absence line (403) 777-6430 extension 1 to report the absence.  A reason for the absence is required or it will be recorded as an unexcused absence.  Thank you for your help with this.

Bus students are no longer able to change buses.  Non bus students are no longer able to travel on a school bus to go to a friend's home after school.  Please make alternative travel arrangements for this.  Each of our bus students have been given a seat on the bus.  They need to stay in their seating plan.  Some of our buses are very full with three to a seat riders.  Thanks for your help with this too.

This Friday, our staff is meeting to discuss safety at our school and to meet in professional learning groups and plan activities together.  We strive to have common pacing for our curriculum, and common exams so that each student is on track with the curriculum and teachers can work together to support all of our students.

Have a great weekend!

This week at MidSun

We have had a great week at MidSun!

Volleyball tryouts have started and many students are anxiously awaiting the posting of the team lists.  If students are unsuccessful in making our volleyball team they are welcome to join our cross country running team.  See Mr. Harris for more info.

As you can see from the picture above, many students came out to apply for our LINKages program. This is a great opportunity for our students to reach out to the community and become friends with a senior.  The students travel twice a month to the McKenzie Care Centre and visit with one of the residence.  Application forms need to be handed into Ms. Amirault.

We had a great turn out for our "Meat the Teacher" BBQ.  Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the event by bringing your bottles for our reverse bottle drive in support of student activities. The evening was a beautiful one and it was great to meet with friends and neighbours.  Parents had the chance to attend a grade 7 band parent meeting and a grade 8 riverwatch meeting as well as meet their child's teachers.  Our School Council chair spoke and encouraged parents to come out to our meetings.  We usually have less than ten parents and we would like a greater number of experiences and opinions to help us improve our school.  Please consider attending the next council meeting on Thursday Sept 20th at 7 pm in the Library Commons.

We hope you have a great weekend and don't forget that Monday is PICTURE DAY! bring your smiles and comb your hair!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First School Council meeting

The first School Council Meeting is changed from September 13, 2012 to Thursday September 20th at 7:OOPM.  It will be held in the school library.  Find out how you can work together with other parents and staff to make MidSun a great place for all learners. See you there!

Monday, 10 September 2012

"Meat" the Teacher Event

Be sure to attend our "Meat" the Teacher BBQ on Thursday September 13 from 6-8PM.
  • Bring your bottles and cans for our reverse bottle drive fundraiser in support of student activities
  • Buy hotdogs, pop, chips, and popcorn for a dollar each.
  • Meet your child's teachers!
  • Learn how our school works and how you can help your child be successful
  • Hear from your School Council
  • Learn how to log on to D2L 
  • Have your child take you to their classes, lockers and our library.
  • Attend important grade 7 band parent meeting
  • Attend important grade 8 Riverwatch meeting. 
See you at MidSun from 6-8PM



Entertainment Books $40
SUTP Books $20

Local and out-of-town books available.

Please contact the band room at 403-777-6430 ext. 2104 or e-mail if you’re interested.


Monday, 3 September 2012

Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year at MidSun!

We are excited to greet all of our MidSun Students on Tuesday September 4th, 2012.  Our teachers have been busy preparing their classrooms and the office has been working to get all of our new students registered!

Grade 7 Students are to meet in our main gym at 9:00 AM.  They are dismissed at noon.
Grade 8 Students are to meet in our main gym at 1:30 PM.  They are dismissed at 3:30PM.
Grade 9 Students meet in their home rooms at 1:30 PM. Homeroom lists will be posted outside the building by 1:15PM. They are dismissed at 3:30PM.
ALP & ACCESS students meet in the main gym at 9:00 AM. They are dismissed at noon.  ALP and ACCESS parents are invited to a meeting in the classroom at 11:30 AM.

Our busses are running at regular times so grade 7 bus students will need to find their own transportation home.  Grade 8 & 9 bus students will need to find their own way to MidSun School but will be able to take their bus home.

Please sign up for our blog so that you can recieve up to date information about our school community. See you soon!