Friday, 22 May 2015

2015-2016 Gym Strip Order Info

Get your gym strip ordered for the 2015-2016 school year! Don’t wait until September!
SAMPLE SIZES are available at the school so please have your son or daughter come to the PE office and try on gym strip or check the labels on their current PE clothing for the correct sizes. Please be cautious to whether you are ordering an ADULT or YOUTH sizing. NEW this year long sleeved t-shirts.
The following are required for MIDSUN PE 2015-2016 is a MidSun PE T-shirt and PE shorts OR PE Sweatpants. Some of the selected modules are outside but students are not required to have MidSun sweatpants but can bring a pair of their own sweat pants and sweatshirt to wear outside (these cannot be the same pants or sweater they are wearing to school). Yoga pants or tights are NOT appropriate clothing for participation in PE. Students are not to be wearing sweatshirts with zippers for safety reasons in PE or sweatshirts that they are wearing to school that day.    
 Online School Store
Codes to access
May 1st – June 30th Code: 1MIDSUN2015 (September delivery)
July 1st – August 14th Code: 2MIDSUN2015 (October delivery)
August 15th – September 14th Code: 3MIDSUN2015 (November delivery)
Please ensure that you put your students first and last name as the “Player” and not your parent name. Please print and keep a copy of your receipt for your records.
Please note that there is a six to 8 weeks delivery time from close of store to delivery of the clothing to the school.
In addition, students are required to have appropriate footwear for PE. Please ensure that they have proper running or cross training shoes for September.  See attached document for more details.
 If you have any questions regarding gym strip or shoes please contact

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Parents Night Out

New School and Modular Classroom Open Houses

The Calgary Board of Education will be holding three Open Houses in June 2015 to give stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about the new schools opening in their communities. 

Please drop-in to learn more about enrolment, grade configurations and designations/walk zones for the schools, as well as to view site designs.

There will be no formal presentation at these events, so please feel free to drop-in anytime between 6 and 8 p.m.

CBE Area Directors, and staff from the planning & transportation and communications departments will be available to answer your questions.

Calgary South
Calgary North & West
Calgary Northeast
June 2, 2015
6-8 p.m.
June 3, 2015
6-8 p.m.
June 9, 2015
6-8 p.m.
Centennial High School
55 Sun Valley Blvd SE
Robert Thirsk High School
8777 Nose Hill Drive NW
Ted Harrison School
215 Taravista Way NE

View invitation for complete details.

MidSun in Quebec

The grade 9 french class arrived safely in Quebec yesterday. 
They had a very long day and closed it out with the Walking Ghost Tour in Quebec City. 
 Stay tuned for more photos as the students explore.


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

MidSun School Council Reminder

Please join us for School Council meeting Thursday May 14 at 7 PM where special guest, Janeen Werner-King, will be asking for feedback on the CBE high school registration guide.
We hope to see you there

Monday, 11 May 2015

Grade 7 Trip to Heritage Park & School Wide Track Event Volunteers Needed

As a complement to our Grade 7 Social Studies curriculum, Midsun students will be visiting Heritage Park on May 25th or May 27th.   Students will participate in a program called ‘Plains, Trains and Immigrants,’ which takes a closer look at the arrival of immigrants to Canada’s Western Provinces throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.  We are currently looking for parent volunteers with security clearance to accompany us on this trip.  If you are available for one or both days (9:00 am – 3:00 pm), please send Mrs. Curran an e-mail at  to sign-up.  We thank you for your continued support in providing engaging and fun learning experiences for our students! 

Ms. Amirault is looking for a few parents to volunteer at the track & field meet this Thursday, May, 14th.
The position she needs help with is being a timer at the finish line for the track events.  You need to be confident with a stopwatch and ready to make some decisions with close finishes.
Due to the event taking place in a couple of days, volunteers must have a valid police clearance on file in order to help out.
The meet is from 8:45am – 2:30pm.
Please send her an e-mail @ or call the school if you are able to volunteer.

Thank you in advance!
Nicky Amirault

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

MidSun Votes

On May 4th our students at Midsun had the opportunity to vote in a mock election, put on by the Civix project called “Student Vote Alberta”. Previous to Monday the students spent time in class engaging in conversations about politics in Alberta, and the various platforms of the political parties. Some classes watched and critiqued the political debate that aired on Global TV, and other classes watched videos released by “Student Vote” where they asked the party leaders questions.
Many students relayed that they had engaging and interesting conversations with their parents, family, and friends regarding the election. That is precisely the point in this project. It allows students to have these important conversations. Some students will be eligible to vote within the next few years, and a project like this familiarizes them with not only the process of voting, but also of doing research into which party has the platform that they believe in the most in.

You’re probably wondering about the results, right? The results were aired on the news on election night, and some of you may have seen them. If not, this is how Midsun students voted:

550 students voted
Alberta Party: 44
Liberal Party: 50
NDP: 172
Progressive Conservatives: 117
Wildrose: 206

The experience was very informational. We would like to thank Civix and “Alberta Student Vote” for providing us with the materials for this activity.
Civix provided us with data gathered from schools across the province.  Over 87,000 students voted in 792 students reported results, representing all 87 divisions.
The Results of the "Alberta Student Vote" was that the NDP won a majority government with 56 seats and the Wildrose Party formed the official opposition with 23 seats. The Progressive Conservatives won 6 seats and the Liberals and Alberta Party each took 1 seat.
Mrs. Otten

Monday, 4 May 2015

Annual Staff vs Student Hockey Game & Fundraising update

On April 17th, the Annual Staff vs Student Hockey Game took place at South Fish Creek Rec Centre.  As usual, it was a fun game for all.  The students made history by tying the game and taking the Staff into a pressure filled over time. 

The staff scored in the exciting overtime period, keeping their winning streak intact.  Thank you to all the participants and spectators for making the afternoon successful.

All the money raised during this event is being added to the year’s effort to raise $10,000 for Free the Children.  The focus this year is to build a school in an impoverished country.  To date, we are half way to this goal. 

The next major fundraising event will be the Spring Carnival on Wednesday June 3, 2015.  Please watch the blog for more information.   If you want to make a donation to the cause, donations can be dropped off at the office.

Thank you for your continued support