Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Parents invited to discuss fees at May meetings

Parents are invited to continue the discussion about schools fees at a series of meetings that have been scheduled this month.

These important conversations with parents are being held to inform the finalization of fees for the 2012-13 school year.

All parents are invited to attend the system parent meeting on May 31. At this meeting parents can discuss possible fee structures for 2012-13 and have a final opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas before decisions are made regarding 2012-13 school fees. We look forward to hearing from as many parents as possible.

 The final meeting will build on the discussions with more than 4,000 people during broad public engagement of fees during the past several months. Fees in scope for the final review included instructional materials and supplies, music instrument rental, noon supervision, transportation and waivers.

Meetings schedule: 
System MeetingMay 31
7-9 p.m
Western Canada High School
641 - 17 Avenue S.W.
(park in the back (south) parking lot - enter building from 5A Street on east side of school)

Please RSVP to kldrummond@cbe.ab.ca or call 403-817-7951 if you will be attending this meetings and have not RSVP

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Great job to our Track and Field Athletes

The results are in and MidSun's track and field team has had one of the most successful seasons - winning 3 pennants! Jr Boys, Intermediate Boys and combined Jr Boys and Girls came in first! Well done.  Honorable mention goes to Sr. Boys, Sr. Girls, and Jr. Girls who placed 3rd and intermediate Girls who placed 4th.  Overall MidSun placed second at this year's track meet. 

Special thanks goes to our coaches, Mr. Woods, Mr. Moulton, Ms. Blum, Ms. Miles, Mr. Harris, Mr. Billings, Ms. Amirault, and Mr. Sherin.

Friday, 11 May 2012

MidSun May Update

-Mark updates will be arriving in your inbox today, May 11, 2012.  Please let the office know on Monday if you have not recieved a mark update from any of your child's teachers.  We will track down the problem.

-On Monday May 14th, all students will write their Part A Language Arts final.  It is a short day with busses leaving at noon.

-With the nice weather we ask that parents to ensure thier children are adhearing to our dress code.  Please impress upon your child that shorts need to be mid thigh length for school and spaghetti strap or one shoulder shirts are for outside of school times.

THANK YOU to our School Council and parents for purchasing the following items that will enrich the education of MidSun learners:

2 Art frames to kick start Donna’s MidSun Art Gallery ($220)
2 Sewing machines to replace broken ones in Fashion room ($650)
10 French DVD’s($100)
3 Travel Board games ($90)
Purchase of a year subscription to conference manager, the online booking system for interviews ($400)
The purchase of a musical theatre show “Explorer idol” for the whole school next November ($650)

Thank you very much! We will be having a parent appreciation night on June 7, 2012.  Student displays, a short program and refreshments will be served! Hope to see you in our library from 6:30-7:30 PM.

-Last month several students participated in the Chief Superintendent's Student's Results Symposium where our students shared their thoughts on how we can improve the CBE.

-Good luck to all MidSun track athletes who are competing today at our regional track meet.

-Congratulations to our Jazz band who were invited to play at the Ironwood club in Inglewood last night.  They performed beautifully to a packed house.  Be sure to mark your calendars for our final band concert in our main gym at 7 PM on June 6, 2012.

-Several students had the opportunity to participate in the recent Explore IT! conference. This was an opportunity for our grade 9 girls to explore careers in science. Last month was the writers conference and several of our students were able to meet local authors and learn the some writing tricks.

-60 grade nine students participated in the PARTY (Prevent alcohol and risk related trauma in youth) program at the Foothills Hospital this week.  Students were able to see videos, talk to Clagary Police and survivors of Risk related traumas.  Some big ideas that came out of the program were the importance of wearing seatbelts, helmets and making wise life choices. For those studnets who were not able to go to the Foothills hospital, a short program was offered in our library.

-ENVOE students had the opportunity to go on a Fish Creek Park field trip where they learned how to safely handle a campfire and do some orienteering.

Coming up at the end of the month:
Grade 9 ENVOE camping trip May 22-24;
Grade 9 Band trip to BC May 23-26,
Grade 7 Heritage Park field trips May 28 & 29,
Grade 8 Tom Finder Walking tour of downtown May 30 and 31,
and the MidSun Fun Run May 31st
Look for IPP's to come home by May 31, 2012.

Grade 9 Farewell activity to Callaway Park the evening of June 1, 2012.

And don't forget to make study plans for final exams June 21-27!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Grocery card Gift

MidSun School Education Enhancement Society


·         To date, the Grocery Gift card program (Jan-April 2012) has been very successful, providing a profit of $ 2822.00 for MSEES (MidSun School Education Enhancement Society). Thanks to all the families that contributed. We encourage those who haven’t signed up to inquire on the Website about the program. 

·         To have input as to how the above funds are to be allocated, please join us at the next Parent Council meeting on May 10th @ 7 PM (in the Resource Centre at MidSun School).

·          The order form for May-June 2012 is to the left of the blog on the MidSun website Main page. (additional order forms can be found in the school office and on the school website). 

·         Remember to include your order for summer on the June order form.   Did you know that Safeway and Superstore gift cards can be used across Canada and the Safeway cards can even be used in the United States?  Why not stock up for the summer?

·         Order forms and cheques for May 2012 must be dropped off at the school office on
May 7, 2012.   Please note new dates for post dated cheques.

·         At this time we will not be accepting credit cards.  MSEES receives 2-5 % from the grocery stores, bank charges are 2.5-3% per transaction, plus a monthly fee, resulting in half of our profits lost to the credit card companies.   Therefore, until we receive more participation in the program, MSSEES will only accept cash or cheques.

·         If you have any questions please contact either Cheryl Drysdale (403-201-4394) email cdrysdale66@shaw.ca/or Michelle Den Hoed (403 256-3541) email mich.denhoed@shaw.ca

We have the Key!

MidSun is selling KEY/SNAP study guides to support grade 9 students as they prepare for their Provincial achievement exams. 

Study guides can be purchased for $20 for each core subject form thier home room teacher. (these are available at Chapters for about $35-40 each, so this is a great discounted priceJ)

There are two types of guides for both Math and Science. Students should see Ms. McIver if they are interested in the SNAP as it is new and might be useful for some students.

--SOCIAL 9 KEY ($20)
--LA 9 KEY ($20)
--MATH 9 KEY ($20)
--MATH 9 SNAP ($20)
--SCIENCE 9 KEY ($20)
--SCIENCE 9 SNAP ($20)


PAT Schedule (Busses depart at noon on these days):
Monday May 14th                                              ELA Part A
Thursday June 21st                              Social Studies 7/8 ONLY -NO GRADE 9
Friday June 22nd                                               Science Arts
Monday June 25th                                              Math
Tuesday June 26th                                             LA
Wednesday June 28th                                        Social 9