Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Math 10 Prep (non-credit) Summer School 2013

This course is intended for Grade Nine students wishing to prepare for Math 10C.   This course will be offered at Centennial High School, but parents wishing to register their son or daughter must do so by calling 403 – 777 – 7200 beginning May 6th and booking an appointment at Chinook Learning Services, 2519 Richmond Road S. W. (Viscount Bennett Centre).  The course fee is $60.00.  Textbook rental: $85.00 ($60. Refund).

Any Grade Nine student wishing to take a high school course other than the above may do so only with the permission of the principal of the high school which the student will be attending in September, 2013.

Please contact D. Gordon, Guidance Counsellor, Midsun School, for further registration information.
Subject: Math 10 Prep (non-credit) Summer School 2013

Please be advised that this course will be offered from July 2nd – July 19th, 8:00 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. Monday through Friday.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Midsun Staff Appreciation Luncheon

The end of the school year is drawing nearer and it is time to show all of the staff at MidSun how much we appreciate all that they do for our children throughout the year.

The MidSun School Council will be hosting a luncheon for the staff on Monday, May13.

WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Please let us know how you can support this event by responding to this email.  Or you can print off this form and send it in to the school office so that we can be organized for the big day. 

Here are the many different ways that you can help to say thank-you to MidSun:

1)   ______Volunteer with decorations, set-up and or clean-up on Monday,  May 13. (Available at your convenience sometime between 11:00 and 2:00)

2)   ______Provide lunch food, beverages, plates, napkins, cups or cutlery.  Please let us know what item or dish you are able to bring.  Perishable items will need to be dropped off at the school on Monday, May 13 before 11:00 am.

3)   ______Provide money to help us purchase things that may not be donated – such as flowers, food or decorations.

4)   ______Provide money that we will use to buy gifts for the staff.


Phone #:__________________________________________


Please print and send this form if you are sending money to school.  Or just email us (jennieship@shaw.ca) with whatever else you are able to offer.  Nothing is too big or too small!

Thank-you in advance for your support!

MidSun School Council

Student Gmail/Gapps Setup

Here are the steps needed to get your CBE Gmail up and running
You need to find out what your old email user name was by going to the old system and logging on.
  1. To Log In to the old system use your student ID number and current password
  2. Clicking on the link on the left side of the screen called CBE Student Mail
  3. Your email user is near the top of the screen, to the left of the @ character
  4. If your email address doesn't show up, open an email you have and you can find your email user that way.
  5. Write down your email user name.
  • You Must Change your Network Password by using the Self-Serve Password Tool. This will ONLY work in the school, not at home.
  • Your password has to be at least 8 characters long. You may want to use a combination of letters and numbers
  • When you change this password it also changes your password for logging-on here at school and for D2L.
  1. The Link to the right will take you to the CBE Gmail log-in page
  2. Your Log-in user name is the name found in step 1 (not your student ID number)
  3. Log in using the same email user name (DO NOT ADD THE @educbe.ab). Your password would be the one you created in the step above.
  4. If you access the email from the standard Gmail page at www.gmail.com you will have to use your Full email address student@educbe.ca

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Midsun Book Club News

The Mid Sun Book Club met On Wed. April 17 to discuss No Ordinary Day by Deborah Ellis. Grade 7 students rated this 3 out of 5. It was an informative read about leprosy and a poor young girl struggling for survival in India. If you are interested in checking out more of her books, you can find her at www.deborahellis.com. She is also on Twitter @DebEllisAuthor.

Grade 8 &9  students met to discuss, All These Things I've Done by Gabrielle Zevin. So far it has been the book that this group has liked the best. It is book one of a trilogy. The second book is called Because It Is My Blood and the third book will be published this fall. If you want to learn more about Gabrielle Zevin, you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter and she has a blog at http://www.gabriellezevin.com. Her YA book Elsewhere is a multi-award winner and another interesting read.

The Mid Sun Book Club met again in Wed. May 15. You are welcome to join us. This month the Grade 7 group is reading As Easy as Falling off the Face of the Earth by Lynne Rae Perkins (she won the Newberry Medal for her novel Criss Cross). The Grade 8 & 9 group is reading Shock Point by April Henry.

If you are looking for some book suggestions and reviews check out the CBE's Wired for Words Website @ www.wiredforwords.com.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Fearlessly Girl and Make into Men Presentations

On Monday April 15, 2013, Kate Whitfield presented a keynote speech and gave workshops to our girls and held an evening presentation for our parents.   We learned about the many pressures our girls are facing today and we were encouraged and challenged to look for the positives in ourselves and others.  Kate spoke about bringing kindness to all of our interactions with others. At our workshops, Kate asked each girl to write a note to other girls, encouraging them.  Examples of student responses are:
Dear Girls:

  • True beauty is always who you are, always stay strong and move on. The girls in the magazines and advertisements are fake, but your beauty is not. 
  • No matter what anyone says, just always remember that you are perfect the way you are
  • Be you
  • Don't put yourself or others down. It won't make you happier or better. You are beautiful no matter what. Believe in yourself!
The boys had the opportunity to have Ian Tuckey from PMAST present the keynote Make into Men.  Boys explored the reasons for conflict and ways to improve communication. Together we are working to create a kinder, more supportive school environment.

Special thanks to MSEES and our School Council for making these presentations possible.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Problems on Bus E

Our apologies to the riders of MidSun bus E who were late getting home today.  Several students who are not assigned to bus E boarded the bus and refused to get off.  It took some time to verify riders and ensure students were seated in their assigned seats.  Thank you to those students who patiently waited for us to work through this.  Only students who are assigned to the bus have permission to board it.  Thank you for your understanding and support.

Top Math Students take on Math Contest

This morning 41 students participated in the Euler, Lagrange and Newton Math Contests in the library. They were there for the first two periods this morning. 

Results will be sent to us in June. Scoring 80% is considered an exceptional result.

They put forth a very strong effort on some very challenging tests.

Congrats to the math-letes!!!!!

Your MidSun Math MIG,
Ms. Hama, Mr. Strachan, Ms. Marinescu and Ms. Hutchinson

Grade 7
Eleanor H, Brooklynn B, Andrew M, Divinity E, Fabian C, Brooke T, Ariel C, Cherise C, Brynna T, Lauren E, Natalie Ha, Kaitlyn M, Ashlyn D, Jillian H, Zachary M, Jenny L, Hassan K, Daniel M, Eric X, Kevin H, Kimberly H, Gabrielle C, Jax G, Carly A, Sydney W, Allen C

Grade 8
Britta D, Jin S, Ethan G, Koi M, Nikita S, Abigail T

Grade 9
Haley C, Diane O, Daniel F, Eric C, Ahsen I, Vidar V, Tyler M, Ian H, Jackie V

Monday, 15 April 2013

Fun Lunch Update

There are only 8 Fun Lunches left in this school year. Go to www.healthyhunger.ca to place your orders now!
April 18 - Booster Juice
April 26 - Subway
May 3 - Extreme Pita
May 10 - Flying Wedge Pizza 
May 24 - Wok Box
May 31 - Booster Juice
June 6 - Subway
June 14 - Flying Wedge Pizza

A couple of important notes: 
1. OPA lunches have been replaced with WOK BOX on April 12th and May 24th. Anyone who may have pre-ordered an OPA lunch on these days should have received a refund from Healthy Hunger. Payments sent to school will be refunded this week (April 15). If you'd like to place a WOK BOX order please enter the site and submit an order by May 20th. 
2. SUBWAY lunch originally scheduled for June 7th will now take place on June 6th so as not to conflict with the Spring Carnival. All pre-ordered lunches for that day will automatically transfer to the new date. 

Grade 9 French Trip to Quebec

From March 17th until March 22nd, 43  MidSun grade 9 French students visited and learned about the culture, language and history of the province of Quebec.  We stayed in Montreal for 2 nights and for  3 in Quebec City.  Some highlights were bowling at the Forum, learning to be an astronaut at Space Camp, engaging with interactive displays at the Science Centre, touring beautiful churches, becoming disciplined soldiers, creating a copper craft and sampling frog legs, poutine and everything maple.  Having fun and learning too!  C’etait un voyage fabuleux avec un groupe fantastique!

                                              Playing the spoons at the Cabane a Sucre

Grade 7's visit the Military Museum

On Thursday, April 11th, Midsun’s Grade 7 students had the opportunity to attend the Military Museum in support of their study of Canadian history leading up to Confederation.
The day’s activities included viewing artifacts from the War of 1812, hearing a presentation from a museum expert, playing a game simulating different major battles of the War of 1812, and taking a tour of the museum’s expansive facilities.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Grade 9 - P.A.R.T.Y Programme

On Wednesday, April 4th and Thursday 5th, all Midsun grade nine students participated in the P.A.R.T.Y programme (Preventing Alcohol and Related-Trauma in Youth).  Over the two days, one hundred of our students attended the all-day presentation at Foothills Hospital while the remaining students attended a full morning presentation in Midsun’s Library. 
Presenters included ICU and Emergency nurses, a Calgary City Police traffic officer, physiotherapists, and victims of traumatic injury who spoke about their injuries, the cause of their injuries, and the changes to their lives because of these injuries. 
Students learned about the consequences of speeding, distracted driving and walking, improper use of seat-belts, drug abuse, and drinking and driving.  These presentations are incredibly powerful and we hope will result in our students making well-informed decisions as they become independent young adults.
Don Gordon
Midsun Guidance

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Special Keynote Presentations For Students on April !5th

In December, our students responded to the Tell Them From Me Survey.  We were quite surprised by the results and have determined that there is a marked difference in the way our girls experience life at MidSun School than the way our boys experience it.  In order to respond to the concerns that were raised in the survey, we are holding two separate sessions on April 15th.  One for girls only and the other for boys only.

The girls will be participating in a Fearlessly Girl Summit lead by speaker, author, social entrepreneur and media expert, Kate Whitfield. Topics covered will include:
  • Leader girls – how to boost leadership skills & help girls express themselves authentically
  • Being too connected – what girls are up against on-line
  • Tips, strategies and exercises to strengthen the parent/daughter bond
Kate Whitfield will also be holding a parent evening that night at 7 PM in the library commons.  We need to work together in order to support our girls.

Boys will also have an opportunity to explore their issues in the afternoon with a keynote speaker from PMAST whose topic will be Make into Men. Topics covered in this presentation will include:
  • Identifying sources of anger and strong emotions
  • Appreciating the impact of peer and media pressure on creating self image
  • creating healthier relationships through empathy, integrity and accountability
We are grateful for the support of MSEES who have made these presentations possible. We believe that these presentations and the subsequent follow up in Laker Life classes will help us to improve our students' school experience and help us fulfill our vision to be a "School of Character".

April School Council date changed in order to present Kate Whitfield

MidSun School Council would like to let all our MidSun families know that the MidSun School Council Meeting that was originally scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 11th, has been moved to Monday, April 15th, in order to accommodate the timely opportunity we have to present the following Parent Presentation with Guest Presenter Kate Whitfield …

MIDSUN SCHOOL & MIDSUN PARENT COUNCIL would like to extend an open invitation to all MidSun parents / guardians to join us for a PARENT PRESENTATION entitled FEARLESSLY GIRL Presents … GIRLS WORLD 2.0 – A PARENT WORKSHOP, on MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2013, at 7:00 PM, in the LIBRARY COMMONS.   This workshop for parents is being offered in conjunction with a FEARLESSLY GIRL Presents … Summit the female students at MidSun will be attending at the school April 15 that is designed to promote healthy lifestyles for girls and to address several target issues that were uncovered in the Tell Them From Me  survey data from all grades that was collected in December. 

Some of the topics being covered during the evening’s presentation include:
  • Girl World – the stress of keeping up, fitting in, being “perfect” and being everything to everyone
  • The “nice girl” dilemma – how being too nice is hurting girls
  • Leader girls – how to boost leadership skills & help girls express themselves authentically
  • Being too connected – what girls are up against online
  • Tips, strategies and exercises to strengthen the parent/daughter bond

For more information related to this presentation and to learn more about our Guest Presenter, Kate Whitfield, we would encourage to check out the following link:


Note:  MSEES (MidSun School Education Enhancement Society) will hold its monthly fundraising budget meeting immediately following the Fearlessly Girl Presents … Parent Presentation, on Monday, February 15th.  Don't forget to make your last Grocery Gift Card order for the year! All newcomers welcome!