Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Thursday, March 1 - MLA Cindy Ady at Centennial High

Please join Calgary Shaw MLA Cindy Ady, CBE School Trustees Sheila Taylor and Carol Bazinet in the Centennial Library as they speak on changes to the new Education Act. It will be your time to ask questions and share your ideas. It all starts at 6:00, and parents are welcome. As food will be available, an RSVP is needed for event planning.
Please send your RSVP to christina.steed@assembly.ab.ca by midnight, Tuesday, February 28.

John T. Wins Outstanding Soloist!

Congratulations to all grade 8, 9 and jazz band members for their outstanding performances at the festival last week.  Special mention to John T., who received an outstanding soloist award at the Jazz Awards Gala Concert on Saturday night (February 25, 2012)! 

Monday, 27 February 2012

Congratulations to our Honours and Honours with Distinction students!

The following students have earned a spot on the honour roll, meaning they have an average of 80% to 90%, with no mark below 70%

Grade 7 Honours
Kristopher A., Mitchell B., Sara B., Nikolina B., Matthew B., Noor B., Bria B., Charlotte B., Madison B., Kiana B., Morgan B., Christopher B., Charlei C., Chase C., Ryan C., Aliya C., Timothy C., Amanda D., Dylan D., Jenna D., Christopher D., Robert D., Madison E., Matthew E., Alia E., Jessamie F., Melanie F., Hallie G., Aidan G., Ethan G., Madison G., Morgan G., Skye G., Caitlyn G., Liam G., Janai G., Kevin H., Ryan H., Samuel H., Emily H., Nathan H., Emma H., Ryan H., Tiara H., Brittany I., Sarah J., Dawson J., Emelie K., Ryan K., Nickolai K., Parks L., Callesta L., Austin L., Ashtyn L., Rebecca L., Garrett L., Connor L., Emily L., Stephanie L., Alana M., Lexi M., Ethan M., Riley M., Nathan M., Pierson M., Max M., Riley M., Graciela M., Jarret N., Matt P., Ben P., Breeanne P., Liam P., Jordan P., Gillian R., Nicole R., Cameron R., Nathan R., Payton R., Bronwyn R., Sofia S., Jin S., Kyle S., Nikita S., Savannah S., Shaelyn S., Carson S., Nathan S., Alicia S., Taylor S., Liam T., Jessica T., Joseph T., Austin T., Rayanne T., Luke T., Danielle T.,, Noah V., Cailyn W., Molly W., Matthew W., Isaac W., Evan W., Garrett W., Justin Y., Logan Y., Alexandar Z., Lacey Z.

Grade 8 Honours
Adel A., Mia A., Mary A., Taleesa B., Nickolas B., Brianna B., Meghan B., Elise B., Liam C., Santana C., Daniella C., Lauren C., Abigail C., Emily C., Shealynn C., Taylor C., Caiwyn C., Jeremy D., Keeley D., Cora D., Tamara D., Graham E., Kyle E., Kathleen F., Adam F., Haley F., Meagan F., Meagan G., Lauren G., Giorgia G., Meghan G., Krystal H., Brad H., Brenna H., Ian H., Jason I., Benjamin J., Devin K., Justin K., Megan K., Bailey K., Alex K., Brendan L., Tori L., Evan L., Lachlan L., Nichole L., Cassidy L., Hanna M., Liam M., Lisa M., Rylan M., Nicole M., Derek M., Iain M., Sherilynn M., Joshua M., Jenna M., Brittany M., Jordan N.,  Tayah N., Grace O., Caitlyn O.,  Taylor P.,  Megan P., Alexandria P., Shantelle P., Shea P., Aisling Q., Megan R., Khalie R., Duncan R., Truth R., Rhonda R., Ryan R., Brennan S., Carrly S., Gabi S., Emily S., Alicia S., Carrie S., John S., Connor S., Andrew S., James T., Matthew T., Alex T., Christine T., Jason T., Vidar V., Jackie V.,  Jadon W., Jessica W., Peyton Y.

Grade 9 Honours
Mike B., Ryan B.,Katie B., Aaron B., Emily B., Heather B., Lorraine B., Bianca B., Keanna B., Tyler B., Christiane C., Ashley C., Katie C., Madison D., Ellis D., Miah D., Hannah D., Sarah D., Evan D., Benson E., Andi E., Jorden F.,  Brittney F., Cheyenne F., Adam G., Rosalie G., Devan G., Liam G., Andy H., Reeve H., Larissa H., Calandra I., Mason J.,  Katrina J., Kristina K., Len K., Justin L., Paul L., Tyler L., Lily M., Jenna M., Amanda M., Meagan M., Sarah M., Madison M., Drake M., Caira  M., Charlotte M., Spencer M., Thomas M., Aaron N.,  Neema N., Emma P., Bret P., Tori P., Gleb P.,  Isabelle P., Ryan R., Jake R., Kendall R., Trinity R., Austin S., Annie S., Kayla S., Heather S., Ali S., Madison S., Grace S., Lydia S., Michaela S., Micayla T., Jackson T., Braden T., Katelyn T., Emma T., John T., Kyle T., Jenna T., Amy W., Jack W., Miki W., Mark W., Wyatt W., Jessica Z.

The following students have earned Honours with Distinction, meaning they have an average 90% or higher, with no mark below 80%

Grade 7 Honours with Distinction
Kayla B.,  Alissa B., Bennet D., Britta D., Lucas D., Quinn D., Sara D., Taylor E., Rebecca G., James H.,  Sarah L.,  Brianna L., Koi M., Hannah M., Kaylee N., Bradley P., Emily S., Kai S., Jackson S., Nicole S., Kate T., Abigail T., Lander Y., Konor Y.

Grade 8 Honours with Distinction
Vicky B., Jacob B., Haley C., Daniel F., Colby F., Nathan F., Chantal G., Paulene G., Hayley H., Ahsen I., Rebecca K., Alice L., Ray L., Garrett L., Tyler M., Taylor M., Brayden M., Alison M., Sierra M., Kyra M., David R., Ashley S., Tyler S., Connor V., Chris V., Charlotte W., Jordan W., Christopher W.

Grade 9 Honours with Distinction
Megan A., Diana B., James B., Divya B., Amanda C., Somshreya C., Lana C., Kessa D., Erica F., Caleb G., Meagan H., Sean H., Leah J., Jim K., Ayla L., Alexandra L., Annie L., Angelia L., Georgina M., Khavishya S., Inessa S., Laurin T., Laiken T., Marvel Y.

We are proud of their hard work and effort.  Please join us in congratulating these MidSun students!

Grocery Gift Cards ready for Pick Up

The February 2012 grocery gift cards are ready for pick-up.

A table will be setup outside the main office on FEBRUARY 28th & 29th from 3:25- 4:00 pm and a signature will be required when cards are picked up. 

Please note, that your child can pick-up your grocery gift cards on your behalf provided that they sign for them.  However, once your child has the cards, MidSun School and MSEES are no longer responsible for your grocery gift cards.

We appreciate your participation in the program.  


Cheryl Drysdale/Michelle Den Hoed
on behalf of MSEES (MidSun School Education Enhancement Society)

Well Done Senior Basketball Teams

Congratulations to the boys and girls senior basketball teams who both took first place in this weekend's Centennial High School Feeder Tournament!

Open House

The open house for prospective students and parents will take place Tuesday, February 28th  from 07:00PM to 08:30PM.

7:00 p.m. Gym - Welcome
             20 minute presentation
             - The MidSun Way
             - Grade 7 program
7:20 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
             Self guided tours
             Specific program information

Tour Highlights

Athletics Display
Core Subject exhibits / information
Red Pod - Home to Grade 7’s
Career & Technology Studies
Foods & Fashion/Construction
Info Processing
Environmental Education

Fine Arts
Art - “A Visual Feast”
Drama - Demos / Display
Band - Grade 7 Band
French - “C’est Magnifique”
Displays & Skits

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Congratulations to all award winners!

Today we held three award assemblies to recognise the outstanding achievement of our students this past semester.  Our bands played the songs they will be competing at the Band Festival with and our honours and honours with distinction students were applauded for their work.  If your son or daughter should have been recognised and was somehow left off the list, please call and let our office know.  We want all of our honours students recognised. 

One highlight for the awards were our Citizenship Award winners for Semester one:
Grade 7: Bradley P. , Alissa B., Konor Y. and Chase C.
Grade 8: Christian T., Tamara D., Taylor M., Liam C.
Grade 9: Laurin T., Justyn S., Christy C., Megan A.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Semester One Celebration Assemblies

The Semester One Celebration Assemblies will be held on Tuesday Feb 21st  at the following times:
Grade 9: 1:03-1:54 PM    
Grade 7: 1:56-2:45 PM                 
Grade 8: 2:47-3:35 PM
Our school bands will also be playing at the award ceremonies:

                                                Gr. 9 Assembly: Grade 9 Band Performing
                                                Gr. 7 Assembly: - Jazz Band Performing
                                                Gr. 8-Assembly - Grade 8 Band performing

Monday, 13 February 2012

News from School Council

·        Grocery Gift card program is off to a great start - profit of $783.50 for MSEES (MidSun School Education Enhancement Society.

·         Order form for February/March 2012 is available at:  http://schools.cbe.ab.ca/b691/council.htm

·        Order forms and cheques for February 2012 must be dropped off at the school office, no later than February 15, 2012

·        In January, MSEES surveyed families on credit cards as a viable option for grocery gift card program - 67% preferred use of credit cards (total 65 families responded).

·        MSEES receives 2-5 % from the grocery stores, bank charges are 2.5-3% per transaction, plus a monthly fee, resulting in half of our profits lost to the credit card companies.

·        After some consideration, MSEES has decided to postpone credit card payments at this time until we receive more participation in the program.

·        Please indicate your preference for credit cards as a payment option (or email Cheryl cdrysdale66@shaw.ca/or Michelle mich.denhoed@shaw.ca/     with your vote).

Goodbye to Mr. Poirier

Congratulations to Mr. Poirier who has been recognised for his outstanding work at MidSun School and has been promoted to Principal of JP Vanier School! His last day at MidSun is Wednesday February 15, 2012.  Ms. Kaiser will replace him as Acting Assistant Principal until a new person can be hired.  Please welcome Ms. Chambers who will be substitute teaching in Ms. Kaiser's classes while she is working in the office.

Report Cards and IPP's  go home on February 14th, 2012.  Valentine dance February 14th, 3:45-5:00PM.
Friday Schedule Wednesday February 15, 2012 - Have a good weekend!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Senior Girls win Laker Legacy tournament

An exciting display of basketball talent has gone on at MidSun over the last 3 days.  Our very own Senior Girls' Basketball team won the girls' division today! Senior boys played well but lost in their final game Friday night.  Way to go, Lakers! Thank you to Mr. Slaughter and his assistant Ms. Ochoa on organising such a great tournament!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Basketball Fever!

For those who can never get enough basketball, MidSun is the place to be!

Thursday Feb 9 – Annual MidSun VS Mount Royal Cougars Annual Charity game – Bring a tooney to support “Right To Play” and get in to see the slam dunking action as the Mount Royal Cougars take on our very own senior teams in a fun style basketball game.  That night our first “Laker Legacy Senior Tournament” starts up with games at both MidSun and Fish Creek.
Friday Feb 10 –MidSun hosts teams that are playing in Centennial High School’s Howler tournament.  Laker Legacy games continue in the evening.
Saturday Feb 11- Laker Legacy finals! Catch the action all morning at the Laker Dome!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012