Friday, 25 September 2015

MidSun Laker Athletics Update


Our Cross Country team and Volleyball Teams are in full swing.  Congratulations to all who will be competing and representing MidSun to the best of their abilities.  Go Lakers!

Grade 7 Volleyball has now started up have been slotted in for one gym time per week.  It will alternate for boys and girls who will have the 7:30am practice time and the 3:45 – 5:00 time.  A full volleyball schedule for all teams has been posted on your student’s D2L Phys. Ed. shell and is also posted on the Blog.   Feel free to print one off and attach it to the fridge for future reference.


Grade 7 Girls Volleyball: Ms. Phillips and Ms. Curran

Grade 7 Boys Volleyball: Mr. Moulton and Ms. Davey

Grade 8 Girls Volleyball: Ms. Miles & Ms. Hennebury

Grade 8 Boys Volleyball: Mr. Stretch & Ms. Mazur

Grade 9 Girls Volleyball: Mr. Rae & Ms. Arnold

Grade 9 Boys Volleyball: Mr. Johnston & Miss Bartel

Cross Country (All grades): Mr. Bredahl & Ms. Ryall

Wrestling will be our next sports team coming up (in November) for our students to be a part of.  This is a non-cut team and all students interested are encouraged to come out and learn how to wrestle!  Those with experience will be put onto the senior team and beginners will be a part of the junior team.  MidSun will wrestle against other schools and some of our seniors have competed in the University of Calgary end of season tournament. 

Wrestling sign up will be available in the main gym for interested students towards the end of October. 

Head Coach: Ms. Hayden-Isaak

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Physical Education Class

Gym Strip:

All students should have placed their order for gym strip on-line at this point.  The deadline was Sept. 14th and if students missed the deadline they need to talk to their PE teacher ASAP!  All students require a MidSun top and bottoms for PE class.

If your order was placed in September, the shipment will not arrive until mid-October.  We appreciate your patience on this matter.  Students need to bring a ‘change of clothes’ to participate in PE class until their MidSun clothing arrives.  If a student forgets to bring their gym strip to change into we will provide loaner gym strip to use for that class.  This gym strip is only worn once and then placed into a separate laundry bin to be washed.  If a student forgets their gym strip on a regular basis we will make contact with home to help support your son or daughter on being changed for class.   



Please ensure your son/daughter has shoes that are for physical activity.  Skater shoes or shoes that are meant for casual wear are not safe for running and physical activity.  Cross trainers are the best option as they provide support for a wide variety of activities.  If you have any questions about purchasing footwear for your son or daughter, please feel free to contact the PE office.  If a student is not wearing appropriate footwear, they will be given an alternate activity to safely participate in.


If your son or daughter is unable to participate in PE due to injury or illness we ask that you take a moment to write a note (handwritten is preferred and probably easiest as you run out the door in the morningJ) about what the injury/illness is; what activity your son or daughter should avoid; and a phone number where you can be reached in case we need to call for more clarification.

If your son or daughter is well enough to come to school we feel they are well enough to do some level of activity (i.e. walking around the soccer field instead of playing football).

If your son/daughter has sustained an injury that prevents them from participation we would assess the situation and if they are unable to be a part of the class – they could possibly ref a game or help the teacher with equipment.  

If the injury or illness is something that will affect your child’s ability to participate for longer than 3 days we would require a doctor’s note to explain what he/she should avoid doing and for the length of time they will need to recuperate and return fully to physical activity.


Terry Fox Run/Walk 2015


This is the 35th anniversary of Terry Fox’s cross country run!  It is MidSun’s 11th annual year of participating in this charity event.  Our run date is Sept. 24th from 9am – 10:45am.  Every student will be given a free water bottle at the end of the run, but is encouraged to bring their own drink during the run to stay hydrated.  We will leave MidSun and head down into Fish Creek where we will complete two laps around Lake Sikome.

Your son/daughter has been asked to bring in a minimum $1.00 donation to contribute to cancer research.  This was Terry’s dream and anything more than that is greatly appreciated J

We have a few fun challenges from our staff to see if we can challenge our school community to donate more to this charity.

1.       If we raise $5,000 Mr. Sherin, Mr. Woods & Mr. Johnston will shave their beards!  This may seem like a basic request… but these men have had their facial hair for a long time and they will be devastated! 

2.       Mr. Rae has offered to cut off his long blonde hair and donate to have a wig made (yes – his hair is that long!) if MidSun can reach the lofty goal of $10,000!

Students can collect donations from friends and family as it was not Terry’s wish for people to go door to door.
OR – if the donation is greater than $20.00 and requires a tax donation receipt, please head to the attached web site, find MidSun School and donate on-line.  This will ensure you receive your receipt.

 When you reach the Terry Fox Web site - scroll down to “sponsor a student / school” and type in “MidSun School” and choose the province “Alberta”.

This site will keep a running total of our school’s donations J








Volleyball Practice Schedule 2015-2016

Please note. 
Coaches have the option of picking up the blank practice times.  They will communicate these additional practices with their teams when the decision is made.  

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

School Technology/Complementary Program Update


My name is Mr. Tailor and as a part of the school Admin team, I co-ordinate the technology as well as support the complementary subjects at our school.  I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some of the exciting things that are happening at our school!

School Technology Update:
This year, teachers will have a D2L Shell and will be posting grades on the “Gradebook” portion of the class D2L shell. Please connect with your child’s teacher for more details.

A few years ago, MidSun school was asked to be the first school in North America to pilot the Light Raise interactive technology device.  Although this device physically looks like a typical projector, it is revolutionary because the projected image can be ‘manipulated’ by students.  Our feedback was used to finalize the  production device, which is now used throughout classrooms worldwide.  The device is the successor to the SmartBoard, and we recently  had a new device installed in a classroom bringing out total count to four.

MidSun school was also one of the first schools in the CBE to implement Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education to support learning. We have one of the largest set of Chromebooks in the entire Calgary board of Education. The devices are faster, easier to use, and provide better compatibility with Google Apps for Education.  Teachers and students have been using these technologies to make the teaching and learning come alive in classrooms by working with Mathletics, creating collaborative documents, and having real time teacher/peer feedback/comments through Google Docs.

Program Updates
All of our option programs are in full gear and mobilizing our students for unique opportunities in learning.  My teaching assignment consists of teaching all of the technology options at our school. This year, some of our design students will also be working on an E-Portfolio with MineCraft Education. Our Media students will be illustrating some cross-curricular learnings with Adobe Photoshop. Students in the Design Club will be setting up the 3D printer, and using that to fabricate models using an inquiry based approach. Students in Applied Technologies have been running their own Lemonade Stands, and compiling key data into a Spreadsheet.

Mr. Campbell will be hosting a Music Parents meeting this Thursday night (September 24th) at 6.30PM in the Atrium.

This year, we have two new talented teachers. Mr. Slaughter will be leading our Construction/Journalism program, and Ms. Johnson will be filling in for Ms. Watson to support our Foods/Fashion programs.  We are really excited to have Ms. Johnson and Mr. Slaughter as a part of our team. If you have some usable woodworking supplies (i.e usable wood etc), or spare fabric, please connect with them!

Also this year, our Drama program will be performing a student led performance. Ms. Smith will be relaying more details as they become available.  Stay tuned!

In Art class, we are underway creating beautiful art projects. Ms. Kaminki’s Art Club will be meeting every Thursday until 5:00pm. Do you have Styrofoam egg cartons lying around your home? The art room would love your donations of Styrofoam egg cartons for use in art class.  Please connect with Ms. Kaminski if you have any Styrofoam egg cartons.

From our French program, Ms. Ryall would like everyone to know that the Quebec Trip Parent Info meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th @ 6:30pm in the library for all interested families of Grade 9 French students. See parent letter (at the very end of this post) for more information.

In addition, students with an advanced French background have an opportunity to take an intensive online course through Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC French Program). There was a mandatory lunch meeting today for all currently registered ADLC students. ADLC students had the opportunity to connect with their online teacher and clarify any questions or concerns.

I hope this updated was helpful. As always, please let know if I can be of any assistance. Until next time!

Learning Leader of Technology/Complementary Subjects
MidSun School

Monday, 21 September 2015

MidSun Music Parents Society Update

Dear Parents,

 1.       The MidSun Music Parents Society (MMPS) will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, September 24 at 6:30 pm in the atrium.  Please join us!  We will be electing a new executive, reviewing last year’s financials, and going over a year-long plan for the entire band program!  Will be approx. one hour. If you can’t make it, we will email out the minutes and PowerPoint presentation from the evening.

2.       SUTP Coupon Book orders continue until the end of the month. 

3.       Band resource fees of $85 will be due in mid-October.

4.       Follow us on twitter!  @midsunbands


Mr. Scott Campbell

Parent Support Information

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Our 2014-2015 Yearbook is in!  Former Students who pre-paid for a 2014-2015 MidSun Yearbook can pick them up after school on Sept 21-Sept 24 from 3:45 to 4:30 PM from Mr. Slaughter in room 6/7

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thursday September 17, 2015 Q & A with Trustee and MLA

Just a reminder that at 7:00pm tomorrow, September 17, 2015, our elected school trustee Amber Stewart and MLA Graham Sucha will be at Midsun School for a Q & A regarding educational topics.  It is a great opportunity to ask and hear questions from parents about our children's education.  We look forward to seeing you there! This is an open forum, please invite other parents.  

Thank you from the Midsun School Council.

Monday, 14 September 2015

School Fees 2015-2016

School Fees 2015-2016

School fees have now been updated to reflect our current school population.  The fees are now due and can be paid by one of the following methods:
·         Online
·         Debit/Credit Card – either online/in person/or by phone
·         Cheque – can be sent either with the student or in person

If you enrolled after July 7, please check your account as it is possible that additional fees may have been added.

We understand that circumstances can change and are sensitive that paying for fees may bring financial hardship.   Please contact our bookkeeper, Edwina Ewart – 403 777 6430  xtn 2377, to discuss possible payment options to avoid the possibility of the fee going to collections.

If you experience difficulty trying to pay Online, please contact Edwina Ewart.

A printed copy of fees is available upon request.

Please note that the Bus Fees are additional and are not handled at the school, although the form can be handed in for forwarding to Transportation Services.

Picture Day Sept 15, 2015

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

"Meat the Teacher" and School Council Information

You’re cordially invited to “Meat The Teacher” at MidSun School on Thursday September 10, 2015.

5:30pm Library – Riverwatch fieldtrip info meeting - Grade 8 Parents Only (optional)

6:00pm Outdoor classroom – All parents and students are invited to join us for a BBQ  $3.00 for Hotdog, Chips and Drink

6:30pm Main gym – Staff introductions

6:50pm Main gym - Grade 7 Band Parents info session  

6:50-7:30pm Students are encouraged to give their parents a tour and introduce them to their teachers.  The office will be open during this time for questions and volunteer clearance processing.  If you want to volunteer this year, please bring your photo ID to start the process.

7:30pm Library – School Council Meeting

We look forward to meeting you.

Mark Your Calendars

Sept 17 7-9pm

Q&A with Trustee Amber Stewart and MLA Graham Sucha in the MidSun School Library

MidSun Music - SUTP Coupon Book Sale

Thursday, 3 September 2015

MidSun Gym Strip

How wonderful it has been to welcome over 800 learners to MidSun School this September!  We have been busy getting to know everyone and settling in.  Our teachers are continuing to help students get to know one another and make some new friends.

We have several changes for this school year.  One is that we would like students who stay for lunch to go out side once they are finished eating.  This will be a great opportunity to get some fresh air before starting afternoon classes.

Another change is that one of the washrooms on the main floor will be converted to a gender neutral washroom.  Each floor has gender specific washrooms and the extra washroom by the main staircase will be available for all.  Our school's design is such that each toilet is in its own room so privacy is ensured.  As our school is a closed campus regular security measures are in place.  Students may now choose to use a gender specific or a gender neutral washroom and we believe this will help meet the needs of all of our learners and be inclusive to all.

We have had a number of questions about our gym strip.  We promote healthy hygiene and ask students to change for PE.  The gym strip is a great visual for our staff to ensure that students have changed.  Information on the options for the gym strip and order forms are available at:

Code: 3MIDSUN2015

We also ask that parents who pick up and drop off their students do so on the roads adjacent to the school.  This will leave the entry way clear for our handicap buses.  Thank you for your support with this as it will help us keep all learners safe.

Our Volleyball try outs for grade 8 and 9 have begun and our Cross Country team is looking to get as many students as possible to join. MidSun gets a point for each student who crosses the finish line at the cross country meets so schools with lots of participation have an advantage! Please encourage your child to come out and run for the Lakers!  Information about these opportunities is available in out Main Gym.

Stay Safe Lakers!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Volleyball/Cross Country Information

MidSun Cross Country Schedule 2015



Tuesday, September 8th                             Practice (3:45 - 4:15 pm)

Thursday, September 10th                Practice (8:30 – 8:45 am)

Monday, September 14th                   Practice (3:45 – 4:15 pm)

Wednesday, September 16th             Terry Fox Run (During School)

Monday, September 21st                   Practice (3:45 – 4:15 pm)

Thursday, September 24th              South “Area” Meet @ North Glenmore Park

-         Please See Attached Map

Monday, September 28th                   Practice (8:30 – 8:45am)        

Tuesday, September 29th              South “Division” Meet @  River Park

-         Please See Attached Map

Thursday, October 1st                       Practice (3:45 - 4:15 pm)

Monday, October 5th                       South “Finals” Meet  @ North Glenmore Park

-         Please See Attached Map

Y – Youth (Born 2004), J – Junior (2003), I – Intermediate (2002), S – Senior (2001 or earlier)

Please note that the race start times for all three races will be as follows:

5:00 pm  =  Y Girls        5:20 pm  = J Girls          5:40  =  I Girls      6:00 = S Girls

5:10 pm  =  Y Boys        5:30 pm  = J Boys                   5:50  =  I Boys      6:10 = S Boys


·        Students can walk the course before racing if they wish but the course must be clear by 4:45.

·        Race Lengths:  Junior – 1500-2000 m  Intermediate – 2000-2500m    Senior – 2500-3000 m

·        Once their race is over, students can go home AFTER they check out with the MidSun teacher at the central meeting place.


River Park Map




North Glenmore Park Map