Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Winter Carnival Information

Invitation to Grade 9's

Grade 9 students are invited to attend a performance of Twelfth Night at Centennial High School on Monday, December 7.  Students are asked to return forms and admission fee of $5 to their homeroom teachers by December 1.  We are asking that attendees bring a bag lunch as they will eat lunch and walk directly to Centennial for the afternoon performance.  Students will return in time for dismissal.  Those not attending the play will stay at Midsun and attend a study hall for the afternoon.

Extra forms are available on the D2L shell of grade 9 core teachers and any questions can be directed to the grade 9 Learning Leader, Mrs. Kaiser (mekaiser@cbe.ab.ca) or our Drama teacher, Ms. Smith (knsmith@cbe.ab.ca ).

Monday, 23 November 2015

Overdue School Fee Information

Notices of Overdue school fees have now been mailed out.  If you receive this notice, please pay by one of the following options:

Online – by Credit card or debit, Credit Card either in the office or over the phone, debit card in the office, send a cheque with the student, bankers draft or cash, by person in the office.

We are aware that unexpected life changes happen and may create financial stress and so we would ask that you would contact our bookkeeper, Edwina Ewart 403 777 6430 ext 2377, to set up a payment plan for your fees.

Unpaid fees at the end of January 2016 will go forward to the collection process.

Friday, 20 November 2015

MidSun Complementary Subject Update

Hello again!
It is really exciting to see students start to complete many of their projects in their complementary subjects.  I would also like to take this opportunity to provide a technology update and let you know about a famous event that will be occurring soon at our school.

Fine Arts Night
The Complementary subjects at MidSun School will be hosting our 2016 Fine and Practical Arts Evening. The grand event will take place on Thursday January 21nd 2016 from 6.30 to 8.00pm in the Drama Room, Atrium and Atrium Balcony at MidSun School. 

This event will showcase our students' award winning talents in Art, Drama, Dance, Construction, Foods, Fashion, Jazz Band, French, CTF Design/Media Technology Studies and more! 

Admission is free to this amazing event. The event is open to the public. Please mark your calendars, as we hope to see you then! 

Technology Update
We have a wide variety of capital/technology projects happening at our school. With the support of parent council, we have purchased 30 additional Chromebooks that will be deployed into classrooms to support teaching and learning. We also have engaged with engineering services to retrofit four of our classrooms with Light Raise interactive projector units to support student engagement. Our 3D printer is also in use to support teaching and learning in the classroom.

Kaushik Tailor
Complementary Subjects/Technology Learning Leader – MidSun School
Calgary Board of Education | cbe.ab.ca/b691
t  | 403-777-6430 ext: 3010

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Wordfest 2015 @ MidSun

The first week of November we celebrated Wordfest at MidSun.  On Monday afternoon, we had author David Rvachew speak with two groups of grade 7 students in the Library Learning Commons.

He was very engaging and we look forward to having him return another time to speak with more students about the writing process. 

We also had the pleasure of having a parent, Adria Laycraft, who is a published author and professional editor and ghostwriter come and talk to the kids Wednesday.  She spoke with 6 of our grade 7 groups including those who missed out on Monday’s author talk.  It was great to hear from her unique perspective.  We also look forward to having Mrs. Laycraft return to work with some of our eager writers to help them in their goal to get published.  If you’re a student at MidSun who dreams of being published one day, stay tuned for announcements of this in the spring!

To top it all off, author Simon  Rose was another great speaker we had this Wordfest.  He kept up his amazing energy and stamina all the way through 7 fabulous sessions of 60-90 kids, about his many books and the writing process.  You can find out more about him through his website:  http://simon-rose.com.

Actually, there were a number of other ways we found to celebrate words this year.  At lunches, students had opportunities to participate in various activities that celebrated words – both spoken and written, including:   Wheel of Fortune, Readers’ Theatre, and Karaoke.  There is a display of Staff Picks favourite books as well!  In classes, many teachers took the opportunity during this week to focus on the power of words through vocabulary studies, games, and other word-related activities. 

Finally, Humanities teachers used this week to kick off our new Home Reading Program.  In seeing that our students’ scores have dipped from previous years in the areas of reading, and especially in drawing inferences, we are instituting this exciting new program.  Humanities teachers sent home materials for parents to use in support of this new program.  In a nutshell, students are expected to read at home 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  Afterwards, students and parents choose a prompt from the list provided and have a short 1-3 minute discussion about what was read.   Lastly, parents sign off that the reading and discussion happened and when the sheet is completed, students return them to their teacher.  The research tells us that the number one way to improve reading is to do more reading, so we are very optimistic that our students will experience improved scores as a result of this program.  See your child’s Humanities teacher should you have any questions about this new program. 

A special thanks goes out to all the teachers and students who made this year’s Wordfest a big success!
M. Hayden-Isaak
Humanities Learning Leader
MidSun School

Update from the Learning Commons

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Grade 8 Update from MidSun

Grade 8 Update:

What a busy first couple of months we have had in grade 8:  Parent teacher conferences, final selection of the SEAs students, large scale humanities/science audio/video project, a fabulous Remembrance Day Assembly and a French Fieldtrip to sample some ratatouille at a French restaurant.  There are 5 weeks left before Winter Break and so many events will be happening before then as well. 

It was great to have an opportunity at the parent conferences to share the many fabulous things the students have been doing.  We were glad to see how many parents checked on D2L for marks and assignments.  We are committed to offering the students access at home to the learning resources and information they need to be successful through our classroom D2L shells.  Please make sure that you check with your child about how each particular D2L page is organized and where to find assignments, announcements and marks.  As well, you should be contacting your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

This month, the grade 8’s have been working on a combined science/humanities project involving how we are impacting our water around the world.   Some students are working on reporting about the impact plastics have had on the oceans.  While other groups are reporting about the devastating effects of the sea star Wasting disease.  Each group has researched and created a broadcast to communicate the information that they have found.  We hope to be able to post some of these projects to our website.

There are five weeks left before Winter break.  It usually around this time of year that students lose track of many of the beautiful new supplies that they started the school year with.  It would be very helpful if the students could review what supplies they have and what needs to be replaced.  One item in particular is the calculator.  Many students have resorted to using cell phones as calculators.  We have asked that students refrain from having cell phones in the class unless they are being specifically used (as directed by the teacher) for learning such as research, audio/video recording or calendar reminders. 

We look forward to an eventful and spectacular last five weeks of 2015! 

Douglas C Stretch

Grade 8 Learning Leader, MidSun School
Calgary Board of Education | cbe.ab.ca
t | 403.777.6430 (3016)

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Adopt-A-Family Information


MidSun will be ‘adopting’ 5 families from Calgary that are in need of some support during the holiday season this year.  If your family would like to support this cause we will be accepting cash donations (Leadership teachers and students will use donations to shop for gifts for the family) as well as new gifts (unwrapped). 

Step 1: Have your son/daughter go to one of the trees posted in their pod and take a photo showing potential gifts to purchase for the family. 

Step 2: Decide as a family what gift you would like to buy and have your son/daughter go to the tree and remove the tag and bring it home.

Step 3: Bring gift(s) back to your TA teacher with the tag attached (we need to keep gifts sorted and separated and the tags are how we know what belongs to whom – please do not lose the tag!).

If you would rather donate cash, please send it in with your son/daughter to be collected by their TA teacher.  The use of our debit/credit machine is available in the office if this is a better method for you.

Thank you for your support J
Grade 9 Leadership Students


Monday, 9 November 2015

Update from Athletics

Terry Fox Run was a huge success!  Thank you to all families at MidSun for your support!  We raised a total of $3,128.45 for the Terry Fox Foundation and our fight against cancer. 


Cross Country
Congratulations to all of our cross country runners!  It was a great season with three meets that took place for our athletes to compete against other schools. 
Final Results: As a school we finished 4th out of 20 schools! The junior boys won their division, senior boys came third, intermediate girls 4th and both junior and senior girls 6th, intermediate boys came 12th.  Overall a great job done by MidSun!!

Thank you to our coaches for giving their time and expertise to ensure our students had the opportunity to be on the cross country team this year!  Mr. Bredahl & Mrs. Ryall & Ms. Saretsky

Our teams are in their final weeks of their season with playoffs coming up November 12th.  Good luck to all of our teams as you represent MidSun to the best of your abilities!

The season has begun for our wrestlers.  With numerous tournaments and competitions during the season it is imperative that our athletes make it to all practices.  Talk to your coach (Ms. Hayden-Isaac) if you are unable to make it and good luck to all wrestlers during your season!!

Sign up for the teams will begin the first week of December.  Tryouts will begin December 3rd as rosters must be decided upon for grade 8 & 9 teams must be determined before we leave for the holidays.  Now is the time to brush up on your jump shot, work on your footwork and increase your fitness level before tryouts begin.

Thank you to our coaches:                 Grade 7 Boys & Girls: Mr. Moulton
                                                                Grade 8 Boys: Mr. Woods           
                                                                Grade 8 Girls: Ms. Miles & Ms. Hill
                                                                Grade 9 Boys: Mr. Slaughter
                                                                Grade 9 Girls: Ms. Amirault & Mrs. Slaughter

Friday, 6 November 2015

Call for input

I have had the great pleasure of serving the MidSun community over the past seven years.  In that time we have been able to implement daily physical activity and create a MidSun fitness room.  We have teamed up with Centennial High School to support learners with an innovative tutoring program. We have moved to a new outcomes based reporting system; we have changed our library to a learning commons. We have put a Smartboard in every core classroom and added a portable as we have grown in size.  We now have an annual Fine Arts and Complementary Subjects evening and a wonderful WordFest week. We have become more inclusive and respectful of diversity with the addition of two system classes of ACCESS and ALP learners. We have worked together with parents to see the creation of the MidSun Education Enhancement Society that has worked hard to get us extras like sewing machines, drill presses, books for our learning commons, chromebooks, author talks, and professional performances.  We now have a beautiful outdoor classroom and plenty of bike racks to encourage students to ride to school.  I am very proud of the way our staff have implemented technology like Iris, an online student portfolio tool, and our new 3D printer.  We continue to be innovative in our desire to make learning relevant and engaging to our learners.

And now it is time for me to move on.  My last day at MidSun School will be December 18, 2015.  Our director will be hiring a new principal shortly and is seeking input from you about the qualities and skills you would like to see in your next principal as MidSun meets upcoming challenges.  Please consider taking  a few moments to fill out this survey:

I know there are many more exciting things in MidSun's future and I am proud to have had the opportunity to work with an amazing community, staff and students.

Take Care Lakers!
Veronica Saretsky

Open House Information

For our grade 9 parents,

Information on Calgary Board of Education High School Open Houses is now available at:

It is updated often so be sure to check back regularly!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Purdy's Chocolatier Fundraiser - Chocolate for Chromebooks

 Purdy’s Chocolatier Fundraiser

Monday November 1 – Monday November 16

Please Support our


Chocolate for Chromebooks


Our community raised $2189.25 through Purdy's Chocolates last year!

With your continued support we would like to carry forward this fundraising initiative to enable additional Chromebooks purchases for our school.

At a cost of $400 each, Chromebooks provide our children with the necessary technology in the classroom.

This program gives 25% of the profit back to the school.


Invite family and friends to join our school group 24054

Step 1: Register or Log In 

                        IMPORTANT ORDER INFORMATION

                        a) STUDENTS NAME should used  during Registration after your own name for online orders 

                                    eg.) In LAST NAME Field; enter your Last Name & then Students First & Last names 

Step 2: Join A Group - Enter Customer Number  #24054  Select MidSun School 

Step 3:   Go to Group Homepage 

Step 3: Select the Shop Online Tab

Step 4: Choose your preferred shopping method (Order Form or Marketplace)


If you prefer to submit your paper order form please be certain to include 5% Alberta GST when calculating your payment

Cheques Payable to: MSEES







Product Orders are available for pick up at the school: Thursday Dec 10

Convenient online shopping or by order form, found inside the Brochure or a printable version below. 

Parents of LARGE orders;

Please arrange to pick up your order. It is very difficult for student bus riders to carry large orders on the crowded bus or even make the bus in time with so much to carry.


Coordinator:   Pamela Howell

Phone:           403-988-2471 - VM/Text

Email:             midsunpurdysfundraiser@gmail.com


Thank you for your continued support!

Printable  Brochure

MidSun Technology Update

Last week, our students had an opportunity to listen to a presentation about online safety from Calgary Police Services (CPS). Students learned ramifications about their actions online, and also learned about pro-active strategies to support effective digital citizenship practices.

CPS recommends various strategies to help parents protect their children from online hazards. Some of these tips include:

  • Maintain open lines of communication between parents and children.
  • Make sure children to not disclose any personally identifiable information (i.e names, photos) to any strangers, websites, or chat rooms on the internet
  • Teach children to stop using the internet immediately and advise parent if they see or read anything that upsets them.​
  • Keep your computer with the internet access in a high traffic area of the home.
  • Restrict access to the internet when there is no supervision available.
  • Monitor long distance telephone/cell phone bills for unknown telephone numbers.

Additional resources, tips, and information can be found at the CPS website:

Mr. Tailor
Technology/Complementary Learning Leader
MidSun School

MidSun Reminders Around Rememberance Day


Until November 10th, MidSun School will be collecting cash and food bank donations for the Calgary Poppy Fund and Veterans Food Bank.  Students can bring the non-perishable food items or money donations to their TA for collection and earn TA points at the same time.  The Calgary Poppy Fund helps raise money for local veterans, their spouses and dependents.  All the funds collected stay here in Calgary and assist with the costs of rent, utilities, aids to daily living, and any of their other basic needs.

Poppies will be distributed in homeroom on Tuesday morning.  Students are encouraged to make a donation when receiving their poppies.

On Tuesday, November 10th at 9:00 am we will be holding our Remembrance Day Assembly in the gym. We are honoured to have guest speakers Michael Hornburg, who lost his son in Afghanistan in 2007, and Joey Bleviss, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Calgary Poppy Fund joining us for this year's ceremony.  

Parents, relatives and members of the community are invited to attend.  Please contact the office prior to the date and let us know how many people you will be bringing.  

In a demonstration of our respect and thankfulness to the Veterans we are asking students to wear all black on Tuesday.  The school will be closed on November 11 as we honour Remembrance Day, and classes will resume on Thursday.

Thank you