Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Thank You!

Today the students at MidSun Junior High School participated in the Junior Achievement Dollars with Sense (DWS) and the Economics for Success (EFS) programs. These programs were presented by parents from our school and other community volunteers.

DWS (Grades 7-8) encouraged students to develop the financial literacy necessary to make informed decisions in their financial futures using budgeting, planning and investments. EFS (Grade 9) assisted students in developing a positive attitude towards education, and career planning while recognizing the financial costs of living on their own. 

Both volunteers and students had great fun with the program and students appreciated the efforts that the volunteers took to make this program a success.

These programs were delivered by Junior Achievement - a non-profit organization that provides business and finance programs free of charge to schools.  

Thank you again to all of our volunteers for their great work in making this programs a memorable event for our students!

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