Wednesday, 14 December 2011

MidSun School Parent Council, Fundraising Update

While the temperature outside may be falling, the fundraising thermometer is on the rise at MidSun School. The MidSun School Education Enhancement Society (MSEES), the fund-raising arm of Parent Council, has made great strides in its first year -- so far pushing our bank account balance to almost $6,000 since September. Thanks to everyone who has supported our school through the many initiatives undertaken to date, including direct donations through the CBE Foundation, the recent Purdy’s chocolate sale, the Epicure sale and fall book fair. We know there are many other organizations seeking your dollars and we greatly appreciate your generosity.

We’re just getting started with our fundraising and plan to launch our grocery gift card program next month. Information on this will be coming home with students on dazzling pink sheets (you can’t miss them) in early January. This program could raise as much as $6,000 a month for our school, so it has the potential to be a significant source of funds. We all buy groceries, so why not get the stores we shop at to give a little back to us!

Just as a reminder, the money we raise will help to enhance our children’s learning experience at MidSun. We are investigating a number of possible matching-grant programs to leverage our dollars even more. Our long-term goal is to purchase SMART Boards for classroom use, though we have a substantial list of other needed items for physed, language/social, math/science, and all of the excellent options available at MidSun. We are also hoping to support the creation of an “outdoor classroom ” on the school grounds.

Please come and join us at our next Parent Council and MSEES meeting on January 12, 2012, in the school library at 7 p.m. We’d love to see you.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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