Friday, 20 January 2012

Fundraising updates from Parent Council

Parent Council would like to thank everyone who made a tax deductible donation to MidSun School this fall.  We have been able to approve the purchase of the following items to help enrich the programming at MidSun School:

Purchase of 1800 logins to Exam Bank to support students in preparing for PAT exams ($250)
Purchase of 5 Coleman stoves for ENVOE ($350)
Purchase of a new Aerobics Headset for Physical Education ($400)
Purchase of a high output projector for the Main Gym ($1170)

Parent Council is committed to improving our student's educational experiences and continues to offer fundraising opportunities that will help us purchase materials to enrich our student's education.  We are working on several important initiatives like our Smartboards for every classroom, the outdoor classroom/picnic area, wrestling mats and many more much needed items.  Parents are invited to support our work by attending School Council meetings.  Consider joining us on February 7, 2012 when we anticipate the announcement of our Casino earnings.

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