Monday, 13 February 2012

News from School Council

·        Grocery Gift card program is off to a great start - profit of $783.50 for MSEES (MidSun School Education Enhancement Society.

·         Order form for February/March 2012 is available at:

·        Order forms and cheques for February 2012 must be dropped off at the school office, no later than February 15, 2012

·        In January, MSEES surveyed families on credit cards as a viable option for grocery gift card program - 67% preferred use of credit cards (total 65 families responded).

·        MSEES receives 2-5 % from the grocery stores, bank charges are 2.5-3% per transaction, plus a monthly fee, resulting in half of our profits lost to the credit card companies.

·        After some consideration, MSEES has decided to postpone credit card payments at this time until we receive more participation in the program.

·        Please indicate your preference for credit cards as a payment option (or email Cheryl Michelle     with your vote).

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