Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Spirit at MidSun

Leadership is busy this month.  Here are some of the activities that are planned:
·         April 11 – prepare for retro day by making a tye dye T-Shirt in the atrium at lunch for $5
·         April 13 – Free the Children Assembly – Let’s make the world a better place!
·         April 16 – Retro day – Wear clothing from the 80’s or earlier! Tug O war at lunch
·         April 17- Hawaiian Day! Luau Relay at Lunch
·         April 18- Multiplicity Day! Dress as twins or triplets
·         April 19- Superhero Day! D.A.R.E. Assembly
·         April 20- Jersey Day! Staff VS Student Hockey game for Right to Play 2:30-3:45 at South Fish Creek, Need $$ and forms to get in at the doors. 
·         April 23 –  Wear Green for Earth day-Lights out in the afternoon
·         April 24- Wear Blue to support water on the planet
·         April 25 – Worms and Dirt TA challenge
·         April 26 – Short day, Wear white to show your desire to keep our planet clean
·         April 30- Animal Hat Day – Buy a tag to wear your hat in school and help support charity
Business is busy too. Here are the offerings from them:
·         April 13, 20 and 26 are booster juice days
·         April 4- I.C.E. Drinks for sale
·         April 11- ice cream for sale
·         April 18- ICE. Drinks for sale
·         April 25 – Subway Subs
·         Popcorn available each Tuesday at Lunch
·         Mondays and Thursdays are charity Days – Watch for activities around the school.

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