Friday, 23 November 2012

Congrats to MidSun Volleyball Teams

MidSun Volleyball Teams finished up their season last week with some exciting, action packed games.  Our coaches are very proud of their teams for the hard work, dedication and improvement that their athletes demonstrated over the last 2 months. Congratulations to everyone!

Sr. Girls - 4th place
Megan P., Kennedy M., Mary A., Ashley S., Lauren C., Hayley H., Dani C., Brittany M., Kayla K., Carrly S., Santana C., Taylor M., Megan K.
Coaches Ms. Amirault and Ms. Slaughter
Sr. Boys - 3rd place
Jason I., Liam M., Jakob F., Chris K., Jeremy D., Colby F., Josh W., Ben J., Shea P., Cordell H., Tommy D., Andrew M.
Coaches: Mr. Harris and Mr. Johnston
Jr. Boys - 2nd place
Garret B., Ethan G., Parks L.,Konor Y., Kevin H., Trent F., Nick S., James H., Nathan S., Dylan D., Kyle S.
Coach: Mr. Pratt
Jr. Girls - 1st place
Kayla B., Jaden B., Alissa B., Bria B., Jenna D., Skye G., Emma H., Rebecca L., Maeve M., Kaylee N., Kate T., Danielle T., Samara W., Lander Y.
Coach: Val Miles

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