Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Basketball Season Wrap - up

This last week was the final Basketball events for the Midsun Lakers.  We want to recognise all the players who represented our school in this season.

The Grade 9 Boys and Girls both made it to the Semi Final Playoff Round where they played hard and never let up.  They played right to the buzzer and can walk away from this season with their heads held high.

The Grade 8 Girls played right through to the Finals.  They played a very hard game, making their opponent fight for every point.  The final score landed them in second place.

Our Grade 8 Boys also got to show their stuff in the Finals.  They played hard and clean and their tenacity paid off.  They took the game and won the Division by a landslide. 

The Grade 7 teams played very hard in all the games they entered.  Including some tournaments where they faced teams of the Grade 8 calibre.  The coaches were impressed with their play and we are looking forward to watching these teams grow in their abilities in the coming years.

We want to say thank you to all the staff and volunteers that have put in so much time and effort in making this season memorable and successful.

Coach: Sean Slaughter

Derek M,  Colby F,  Andrew M, Chris K, Matt T, Ben J, Josh W, Dan F, Shea P, Jadon W,
Tyler S, Cordell H
Coach: Ray Raymond
Teacher Sponsor: Adina Belseth

 Dani C, Caitlyn O, Aria B, Lauren C, Lisa M, Meaghan B, Lauren G, Mia A, Sierra M, Gabi S

Coach: Mrs. Amirault & Ms. Miles

Kayla B, Bria B, Alia c, Jessamie F, Janai G, Alissa B, Maleah G, Rebecca L, Danielle T, Nicole S, Lander Y
Team Manager/Player: Kaylee N

Coach: Mr. Harris

 Jackson S, Chris D, Kevin H, Garrett B, Cam R, James H, Aidan G, Sevrin L, Taylor S, Chase S, Trent F, Parks L

Coach: Mr. Moulton

Jessica A, Brooklyn B, Taylor B, Shae E, Carly A, Kim H, Sophia C, Shaylene K, Hanna L, Emma G, Natalie H, Shelbi C, Sydney W, Heart R, Madison M, Alyssa S, Tavia D

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