Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Track and Field Wrap up

A huge thank you to all of our coaches and athletes for getting ready for the track & field season!  There were many hours of training and coaching put in so that our athletes would know how to run, jump and throw!  It would have been great for our athletes to have the opportunity to compete, however Mother Nature did not want to cooperate with us this year.  The initial track meet was scheduled for May 22nd at Glenmore Athletic park.  We attempted to have our meet that day, but by 9:00am the skies opened up and the rain began to fall.  Students had the opportunity to compete in any events scheduled between 9-11 and ribbons were handed out to athletes that placed from 1st to 8th.  There will be no team championship banner handed out as not enough of the events were completed.  We did re-schedule an alternate day (May 31st) and it too decided to have rain in the forecast.  The four schools competing against each other this year were: Mountain Park, Tom Baines Branton and MidSun.  Thank you to our parent volunteers: Michelle Spirenburg and Audrey Wilkins for braving the rain at the finish line!
Hopefully next year, we will have better luck with the weather!

 DawsonJ MiaA MitchellB
 Eric C AriaB ChrisB
 KeeganE DaniC ChrisD
 DanielF TaylorC LucasD
 AhsenI SarahE EthanG
 BenJ HaleyF JoshH
 MalykJ GeorgiaG AustinL
 DevinK DanaM GarretL
 ParksL TemitayoO JarretM
 SheaP CaitlynO KoiM
 DavidR ShantelleP PiersonM
 RyanR AislingQ AlexP
 Teigan S TrinityS CameronR
 TaylorS CarrlyS NickS
 ChristianT GabiS CarsonS
 LuisV AliciaS KaiS
 JustinW MarcusA LukeT
 JadonW SamA JacobV
 JoshW DrewD IssacW
 KyleW LukeE EvanW
 AlissaB BlakeE GarrettW
 BriaB AmbroseG LoganY
 MadisonB WillG MattZ
 TaylorE DanielK CarlyA
 HallieG JacobK CamrynA
 MadisonG AndrewM BrooklynB
 SkyeG EthanO TaviaD
 ElissaG CodyR SheaE
 GrossJ AlexR MiahG
 DanikaJ Jackson S KimH
 RileyM AndyT ClaireH
 GillianR JordanH
 PeytonR VictoriaL
 NikitaS KatieM
 MackenzieS Jordan P
 NicoleS TianaR
 KateT HeartR
 IvyT BrookeT
 DanielleT SydneyW
 LyndsieT MirandaW
 JennyT NatalieH

Nicky Amirault
Phys. Ed. Learning Leader
Athletics Director    

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