Friday, 20 September 2013

MidSun Moving to HomeLogic

Dear Parents/Guardians;

Welcome to Home Logic, the parent portal to student information.

In an effort to enhance communication between MidSun school and our parents/guardians, we are instituting a parent portal called “HomeLogic.”   This online environment allows parents/guardians to check their child’s progress throughout the school year.

The following information about your child can be accessed:

1.  Attendance – This information will be available for each school day.  You will be able to access the class, date, and reason for the absence.  Attendance information can also be printed from your home.
2. Schedule – this feature allows you to see your child’s class schedule on any given day for the school year. The display also includes class times and the teacher’s name.  Convenient navigation buttons allow you to see a student’s schedule for any day in the school year as it exists now in our data.
3. Transcript – Parents and students will be able to review his/her past final marks.  While it is unofficial, this information can also be printed for your convenience.  Only Alberta education can issue official transcripts.
4. Demographics – Although the information will not be editable from HomeLogic, you will be able to see the current information we have about your child (ren) at the school.  Should there be errors or informational changes, please contact the school directly.

While the HomeLogic program can give you a glimpse of what is going on, it does not replace direct communication with the school.  If you have questions for a teacher or school administrator please speak to us directly.

For now, information provided to you from our Student Information System will be in read-only format.  Please contact the school with any concerns you would like to communicate with the school.

The HomeLogic website is:

Please visit the website and click on the “New User?” prompt to create an account.  **Please note, for the security of your child(ren)’s information, you will need to be registered with the school as a parent/guardian who receives mail in order to create a valid account.** It is also very important to have a valid  and current email that is registered at your child’s school, as this is the email address  to which your username and password will be emailed.  To provide parent access to this information we are required to use the parental email address that we have on file.  If you have previously provided this email address you will be able to register for HomeLogic at the address above.  More detailed instructions are included on our website ( and on our blog.  If you have not provided a parental email address, please do so by sending a message from ¬that email address to, type the student name(s) in the subject line and a note to say that it is for HomeLogic access.  If we receive your email response by October 4, 2013 you will have time to register and access HomeLogic by October 15, 2013.

If you have trouble creating an account, please refer to documentation on our website and our blog.

As this application will take some time to for us to fully understand we thank you in advance for your patience while we implement this new communication platform.

If you have any questions about HomeLogic, or have difficulty with the account, please contact the school at 403-777-6430.


V. Saretsky

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