Thursday, 23 October 2014

School News-October 23, 2014

MidSun celebrated our first Wordfest on October14-17, 2013 with fun contests and author visits.
Scott Chantler, Johnathan Auxier and N.D. Richmond all spoke to our students about their books and careers.  Each lunch hour that week a special Wordfest activity was held in our learning hallways.  Students played Jeopardy, sang Karaoke, and received prizes for using the word of the day in class.  On Friday, teachers took on a letter of the alphabet and became living wordwalls with words stuck to their cloths!  It was a fun and informative week. Special thanks to our School Council for their support of our events.  Your grocery gift card fundraiser support is enhancing the education of MidSun students!

Today is a short day and tomorrow is a professional development day. Teachers are gathering to work on our new assessment methods and clarify our communication of the indicator scale to students and parents.  We will be looking at linking tasks to the curriculum and designing interesting and engaging assignments for students.  We are delving into Bloom's Taxonomy and ensuring that students have the opportunity to demonstrate higher order thinking skills in their work at school.

Monday october 27th is Healthy Eating and Hydration Day.  We are celebrating the installation of our new water fountain with a waterbottle fill spout.  We hope students will bring healthy lunches and fill up their waterbottles to stay hydrated in class.  Our brains work better when we drink water. Next week we have short days on October 28th, 29th and 30th and no school on the 31st.  This is to allow for our Parent/Student/Teacher conferences.  There is still time to book interviews with your child's teachers.  Our catering club has been busy making cookies for the event and our School Council will be on hand to take Grocery Gift Card orders.  See the website for how to book. We have two teachers currently on leave, Ms. Marinescu and Mr. Reynard.  Ms. Cho has been filling in for Ms. Marinescu and Mr. Mahoney is here for Mr. Reynard.  We welcome them to our staff if even for a short time.

Our Remembrance Day Assembly will take place at 9:00AM on November 7, 2014.  We will have a guest speaker, band and drama performances and student readings.  If you are interested in joining us for the assembly, please call the office and reserve your place.  This will help us put out enough seating for everyone.

Have a great weekend MidSun families.

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