Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mathletics is supporting students in Math

This year we asked our parents to help us offer Mathletics to our students by paying for part of the subscription costs.  Our students have been working on the program and it is helping them improve their math skills. Thanks to all parents and our MSEES for helping us offer this resource to our students!
Visiting the School
When parents need to visit the school to pick up your children, we ask that you report to the office.   MidSun is a closed campus and we have to account for everyone who is in the building.  For the safety and security of all of our students, we ask that parents wait in the office when visiting the school. If parents need to speak with teachers, then we ask that you contact the teacher ahead of time and make an appointment.  Thank you for supporting us!

Need help with school work?
We want to make sure that ALL students at MidSun achieve academic success.  We are pleased to offer extra help Monday to Thursday after school in room 10 for an hour in our completion room.  Ms. Hepburn is there to support students with their work.  We also offer a great program with Centennial High School, where trained high school students come to MidSun to volunteer tutor our students.  It helps the high school students get volunteer credit for their resumes and it supports MidSun students learn. It happens each Wednesday in the Library until December and starts up again in February.

Short Day November 20 & PD Day November 21
Teachers will be meeting in their professional learning groups on Thursday to review results from common formative assessments and plan the next two RTI classes.  They will continue this work on Friday with teachers from Wilma Hansen and Woodman schools. The other schools are joining us on Friday's professional development day to discuss ways to identify and support students' understanding of curricular outcomes. In the afternoon teachers will take classes on google aps for education to learn how it can be used to engage students in upcoming lessons.  We have a culture of learning at MidSun and we are all moving forward!

Curriculum Learning Leaders working on engaging task design
Our four curriculum learning leaders are working with leaders throughout Area V on the Teaching Effectiveness Framework and improving task design.  Ms. Severin, Ms. Hayden-Isaak, Ms. Amirault and Mr. Tailor are all participating in this initiative and working with teachers in their departments to enrich classroom activities.  They will be meeting for six half days throughout the year with experts from the University of Calgary's Education Department to learn new ways to deliver the program of studies to our students. November 26th will be the second instalment of these sessions and we are excited to see how they help our teachers design effective lessons.

Student Advisory Group
Seven students representing grade 7, 8 and 9 met with Principal Saretsky last week to discuss ways to improve our school.  Some of the ideas that surfaced was the desire to participate in The Calgary Science Fair, acquiring another hydration station for upstairs, overcrowding in the locker room, and putting the day's schedule on each slide of our TV's so students didn't have to wait until the schedule slide comes up.  We are working to support these requests and I am happy to say that Ms. Severin and Mr. Stretch are offering RTI sessions to support students for Science Fair, the schedule is now appearing on each slide of our TV's, and we are working with school council on the addition of another hydration station.  The staff had a presentation from a number of students who are wanting some adjustments to the dress code.  Our staff has agreed to a trial run of the changes provided that School Council approves of them.  Please join us for the next School Council meeting on December 11th, when students will present their ideas for your approval.  Kaushik Tailor will also be on hand to discuss complementary subjects and technology. Mark your calendars and plan to be there. Make your voice heard.

Stay warm MidSun!
Veronica Saretsky

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