Friday, 22 May 2015

2015-2016 Gym Strip Order Info

Get your gym strip ordered for the 2015-2016 school year! Don’t wait until September!
SAMPLE SIZES are available at the school so please have your son or daughter come to the PE office and try on gym strip or check the labels on their current PE clothing for the correct sizes. Please be cautious to whether you are ordering an ADULT or YOUTH sizing. NEW this year long sleeved t-shirts.
The following are required for MIDSUN PE 2015-2016 is a MidSun PE T-shirt and PE shorts OR PE Sweatpants. Some of the selected modules are outside but students are not required to have MidSun sweatpants but can bring a pair of their own sweat pants and sweatshirt to wear outside (these cannot be the same pants or sweater they are wearing to school). Yoga pants or tights are NOT appropriate clothing for participation in PE. Students are not to be wearing sweatshirts with zippers for safety reasons in PE or sweatshirts that they are wearing to school that day.    
 Online School Store
Codes to access
May 1st – June 30th Code: 1MIDSUN2015 (September delivery)
July 1st – August 14th Code: 2MIDSUN2015 (October delivery)
August 15th – September 14th Code: 3MIDSUN2015 (November delivery)
Please ensure that you put your students first and last name as the “Player” and not your parent name. Please print and keep a copy of your receipt for your records.
Please note that there is a six to 8 weeks delivery time from close of store to delivery of the clothing to the school.
In addition, students are required to have appropriate footwear for PE. Please ensure that they have proper running or cross training shoes for September.  See attached document for more details.
 If you have any questions regarding gym strip or shoes please contact

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