Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Code Week in the Library Learning Commons

 This week we are taking up the Hour of Code challenge as part of a global initiative to have students around the world participate in an hour of learning computer coding. Classes will be coming down to the Library Learning Commons (LLC) where they will be introduced to coding and the Hour of Code website The actual learning occurs in the LLC via Students are able to choose between Minecraft, Star Wars and Frozen as themes while they work with increasingly complex coding capabilities. More than just jumping on a trendy bandwagon, we are attempting to prepare students for the jobs of the future, jobs which don’t even exist yet. We sincerely believe in diversifying the skills of our students in hopes of preparing them for the future.

Throughout the year you will see an increase in technology in the LLC including 5 new coding stations equipped with Raspberry Pis. These are tiny computers which use several coding languages and can assist students in building their own games and other activities. Here is a helpful link if you are curious Additionally, we are bringing in Lego in hopes to give your children a chance to explore stop motion animation (we are still looking for donations of extra Lego you may have around the house which isn’t being played with anymore). 

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