Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Congratulations to our basketball teams for a great season!

Senior Girls went 27-0 this season, winning our league final and 5 tournament championships.  We defeated 19 different teams from Calgary, Okotoks, Lethbridge and Strathmore throughout the season.  Incredible! 
Megan A. Jinaye C. Katie C. Erica F. Taysia K. Ayla L. Jenna M. Annie S. Heather S. Emma T. Amy W. Marvel Y.
Coaches:  N. Blum, Bernadette L. Montana R.

Senior Boys
Senior Boys were winners of the division finals and have won another banner for MidSun! Well done!
James B, Ryan K, John T, Aaron B, Justin L, Kyle T, Braden T, Benson E, Zach B, Ryan B, Graham J, Mason J
Coaches – Mr. Slaughter and Mr. Matt Harris

Junior Girls & Boys Basketball
The Junior boys and girls played well all season and continually improved their skills.  They went the the quarter finals and represented MidSun well. Congratulations to the following
Girls: Lauren G, Mia A, Taylor P, Brenna B, Rylan M, Sheri M, Hailey H, Taylor C, Megan B, Dani C, Tamra D, Carrly S, Temi O
Coaches: Mrs. N. Amirault, Miss V. Miles
Boys:Jason I, Jeremy D, Matt T, Tyler S, Josh W, Andrew M, Colby F, Dan F, Ben J, Shea P, Derek M, Liam M,
Coach: Mr. Mike Harris

Grade 7 Basketball
The grade seven program is a skill development club. The girls were coached by Mr. S. Moulton and the boys by Mr. Pratt. They will finish up this Friday with a fun tournament.  The following students showed dedication to the club and improved throughout the season.
Girls: Alissa B. Danielle T. Nasiba G. Abigail T. Molly W. Maleah G. Hallie G. Nicole S. Danika M. Lander Y. Melanie F. Ivy T. Rebecca L. Jessamie F. Shaelyn S. Kayla B. Emily S. Sara B. Bria B. Alana M. Maddie G. Morgan G.
Boys: Parks L, Jackson S, Trent F, Max R, Kevin H, Isaac W, Logan Y, Taylor S, Lucas D, Dylan D, Chris D, James H, Bryce B, Austin R, Austin T, Tal F, Nathan M, Chase C, Jason L, Pierson M, Nick S, Dawson J, Aidan G, Cam R, Alex Z, Mitchell B, Chase S, Bryon B, Austin L, Nickolai K, Kyle S, Josh C and Liam P.

A great big thanks goes out to all of our coaches! We had a fine display of skills and teamwork this season at MidSun.  See you at badminton try-outs! 

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