Sunday, 11 March 2012

Dracula, a sold out success!

Our Mainstage show, Dracula, was a huge success and played to sold out crowds last Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Congratulations to all of those who worked so hard to make it possible!
StudentsTyler B., Josh W., Kyle G., Shantelle P.,MacKenzie H., Lorraine B., Emma P., Aidan S., Evan L., Marvel Y., Ayla L., Teigan P., Jacob F., Liam C., Matt T., Tommy D., Meagan F., Taylor P., Bailee H., Amanda M., Lauren G.,  Trinity R., Brianna B., Angelia L., Taleesa B., Cecilia J., Mia A., Larissa H., Katrina J., Rebecca K.,Kylie N., Emily S., Elise B., Sarah M., Jaclyn K., Sierra M., Somshreya C., Kendall R., Lisa M., Maddie T., Victoria K., Nato H., Justyn S.
And a big thank you to our staff and community helpers: Ms. I Chomyn, Mrs. M Hayden-Isaac, Mrs. B. Hama, Mr. J. Marinescu (Cloverdale),Mr. M. McGann, Mr. G. Reynard, Mr. G. Hennan, Mr. D. Hendry, Mrs. B. Spring, Ms. Rochelle Gartner(Dance With France), Ms. D. Ochoa, Mr. K. Tailor, Mrs. K. Jaques, Mrs.E. Ewart, Mrs. S Mah, Mrs. J. Hawley, Mrs. M. Petropoulos, Mrs. K. Needham, Mrs. K Lipszyc

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