Tuesday, 1 May 2012

We have the Key!

MidSun is selling KEY/SNAP study guides to support grade 9 students as they prepare for their Provincial achievement exams. 

Study guides can be purchased for $20 for each core subject form thier home room teacher. (these are available at Chapters for about $35-40 each, so this is a great discounted priceJ)

There are two types of guides for both Math and Science. Students should see Ms. McIver if they are interested in the SNAP as it is new and might be useful for some students.

--SOCIAL 9 KEY ($20)
--LA 9 KEY ($20)
--MATH 9 KEY ($20)
--MATH 9 SNAP ($20)
--SCIENCE 9 KEY ($20)
--SCIENCE 9 SNAP ($20)


PAT Schedule (Busses depart at noon on these days):
Monday May 14th                                              ELA Part A
Thursday June 21st                              Social Studies 7/8 ONLY -NO GRADE 9
Friday June 22nd                                               Science Arts
Monday June 25th                                              Math
Tuesday June 26th                                             LA
Wednesday June 28th                                        Social 9

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