Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Grocery card Gift

MidSun School Education Enhancement Society


·         To date, the Grocery Gift card program (Jan-April 2012) has been very successful, providing a profit of $ 2822.00 for MSEES (MidSun School Education Enhancement Society). Thanks to all the families that contributed. We encourage those who haven’t signed up to inquire on the Website about the program. 

·         To have input as to how the above funds are to be allocated, please join us at the next Parent Council meeting on May 10th @ 7 PM (in the Resource Centre at MidSun School).

·          The order form for May-June 2012 is to the left of the blog on the MidSun website Main page. (additional order forms can be found in the school office and on the school website). 

·         Remember to include your order for summer on the June order form.   Did you know that Safeway and Superstore gift cards can be used across Canada and the Safeway cards can even be used in the United States?  Why not stock up for the summer?

·         Order forms and cheques for May 2012 must be dropped off at the school office on
May 7, 2012.   Please note new dates for post dated cheques.

·         At this time we will not be accepting credit cards.  MSEES receives 2-5 % from the grocery stores, bank charges are 2.5-3% per transaction, plus a monthly fee, resulting in half of our profits lost to the credit card companies.   Therefore, until we receive more participation in the program, MSSEES will only accept cash or cheques.

·         If you have any questions please contact either Cheryl Drysdale (403-201-4394) email cdrysdale66@shaw.ca/or Michelle Den Hoed (403 256-3541) email mich.denhoed@shaw.ca

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