Monday, 10 December 2012

Upcoming Fun Events

Coming Events


Gr 7 Gingerbread Challenge - Monday Dec 10th in the Atrium at Lunch
Gr 7 Window Decorating Challenge - To be completed by Friday Dec 14
Gr 8 Minute to Winit! - Dec 10-14th in the Gold Pod hallway at lunch.  Sign up and come have fun!
Gr 8 Student Appreciation! - Dec 20


WHEN: Monday December 17th in the gym at lunch
Wrappers: 3-4 students from your TA and a present student.
3-4 members of your TA must arrive in the gym to wrap one of their classmates as a present. You will be provided with a roll of paper, a couple of bows,, have access to ribbon and tape.

The most creatively wrapped student present will earn the top points.
You can bring your own supplies if you wish. Be creative!

WHEN: Wednesday December 19th
Come dressed as a tree, elf, Santa, dawn your favourite Christmas sweater, make it look like the Season is upon you! Literally! or dress in another cultural holiday related to the holiday season.
10 Points for making an effort to be dressed in the holiday spirit
20 Points for going that extra mile!

WHEN: Wednesday December 19th

There has been an AVALANCHE at the NORTH POLE! The elves are trapped and we need a search and rescue team to find the elves.
5 members of your TA must compete in this challenge to recuse the elves and save Christmas!
The snow is creamy vanilla pudding, the elves are gummy bears….and watch out for the deer poop made of chocolate chips! Find the elves and clean up the mess at the North Pole before the other teams!
WHEN:  Wednesday December 19th at lunch
RESCUERS: 5 people from you TA
Come on out and support your rescuers! Yes this is like Worms in Dirt BUT BETTER!

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