Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Midsun Legacy Basketball Tournament

This past weekend Midsun hosted the Midsun Legacy Basketball Tournament.  Everyone played hard and had an enjoyable weekend.

Heritage Christian Academy won the boys’ side, defeating Branton.  The girls’side was won by Branton, they defeated FE Osborne in the final. 
Here is the breakdown of 1 st to 8th in boys and 1st to 6th in girls
Boys – 1. Heritage Christian, 2. Branton, 3. FE Osborne, 4. MidSun, 5. Okotoks Jr. High, 6. Mountain Park, 7. Rideau Park, 8. Rundle College
Girls – 1. Branton, 2. FE Osborne, 3. Rideau Park, 4. MidSun, 5. GP Vanier, 6. Mountain Park

Thanks to all the students, staff and parents who helped out to make the weekend run smoothly and kept everyone fed.

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