Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cell Phone Etiquette

Three weeks ago, our school council hosted Paul Davis, an expert on keeping our kids safe in the cyber world.  Mr. Davis worked with our students and spoke with our parents about ways we can support our kids and parent them while they are on line.  All too often, our children are able to access the internet in unsupervised places.  

Parents pay for their child's devices and have the ability to monitor and supervise their children's on line visits and their cell phone use.  Texting family and friends should not be occurring during class time without the permission of the teacher.  We would ask that parents be diligent in the monitoring of these devices and help their children learn appropriate cell phone use and etiquette.  

Yesterday, an article appeared in the National Post that gives us more food for thought on the subject: http://life.nationalpost.com/2013/10/28/ban-cellphones-internet-use-in-childrens-and-teenagers-bedrooms-u-s-doctors-urge-parents/

Thank you for working with us on this important issue.

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