Friday, 21 February 2014

Golden Week for the Midsun Band Program

Dear Parents,

I am beaming with pride over the success of our band program this week.  We not only had phenomenal musical performances this week from our Sr. Jazz group on Wednesday, grade 8’s on Thursday, and grade 9’s this morning, but everywhere we went, YOUR KIDS were mature, respectful, young citizens that represented you, themselves and our school proudly!
Our Sr. Jazz Band received a double “Excellent” standing.  
Our Grade 8 Band received a double “Superior” rating, thus rewarding them a Gold Award!!!
Our Grade 9 Band also received a double “Superior” rating, thus rewarding them a Gold Award!!!  I am very proud of their accomplishments as this is the first group to receive Gold Awards in grades 7, 8, and 9 in my 8 years at MidSun! 

MORNING REHEARSALS- there will be no morning rehearsals next week for gr. 8, 9 and Sr. Jazz.  Junior Jazz WILL rehearse Monday.

Grade 8 band- no morning rehearsals until after spring break!!!
Grade 9 Band- we will have one morning rehearsal on Thursday, March 6th.
Sr. Jazz band will resume on Wednesday, March 5th.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Campbell

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