Wednesday, 9 April 2014

D2L Personal Parent Access

D2L  Parent Personal Access

1. How can parents access D2L?
Parents have 2 ways to access D2L. Parents can sit along side their child after he/she logs in to
D2L to have meaningful conversations with their child around their learning. Parents also have
personal parent access to D2L to view student progress by logging into the CBE MyAccounts
application and clicking on the D2L link.

2. Will parents be able to see news items in a course?
Through the personal parent access to D2L, parents will not have access to see news items. In
Phase 1 of Personal Parent Access, parents will only be able to see the Student User Progress
tool. Phase 2 will include parent communication and interactivity within the course, but will not
be available this school year.

3. Will parents be able to download homework documents?
Parents have no interactivity with Phase 1 of Personal Parent Access. They can view a list of the
documents and topics in a course, but they cannot download them.

4. When viewing student progress, why don’t all courses show the same indicators?
Teachers use D2L in different ways out at our schools. Teachers can decide what information is
relevant for parents to see around Student progress.

5. Where do parents go for help?
Parents should work first with their child’s teacher to resolve any issues. The teacher can
contact D2L help if they aren’t sure how to resolve an issue.

6. Where do parents go to log into D2L?
Parents have personal parent access by logging into the CBE MyAccount application and clicking on the D2L link. This link is
also available on the D2L login page for parents.

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