Friday, 17 April 2015

A great day to be the principal of MidSun School.

I continue to be impressed by the outstanding work of MidSun students.

Yesterday began with "La tier".  Our grade 7 French students were treated to some authentic maple toffee and French Canadian music.  I was able to savour the delecious flavours of Maple taffee and had a quick jig with the French students.

Then I had the pleasure of supervising our Linkages students who made a visit to their seniors at the Mackenzie Towne Centre.  Many of them are in our band and they played a half hour concert for their senior buddies.  Natalie H. finished off the performance with a moving flute solo. This was organized and led by the kids and was a wonderful representation of their music skills.

When I returned to school I found a grade nine science class flinging barbie dolls that were tied to elastics over the second floor balcony. As part of their Linear Relations unit, students conducted an experiment to see how many rubber bands were required for Barbie or Ken to safely bungee jump from a set height.  Students were collecting data, creating an equation and depicting their results graphically then interpreting their results...  AND they were having fun doing it!

It was a beautiful day for outdoor supervision and over lunch I was able to join in on a rousing game of four square with some talented boys.  I would like to say I taught them a thing or two, but I am afraid it was the other way around.

We had a visitor afterschool from the ATA who commented to me that she felt a happy energy in our building.  I have to agree!  On Friday our halls were filled with Jersey wearing students who were gearing up for our anual staff vs student hockey game.  I am dashing off now to cheer on the teams as they raise money to build a school in an impoverished area.

I am pretty sure I have one of the best jobs in the world!

Have a good weekend MidSun Families!
Veronica Saretsky

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