Thursday, 29 October 2015

Student Services Update


MidSun and WiseGuyz have partnered up again this year.  Wiseguyz is a weekly program for Grade 9 boys that addresses the following topics: human rights, sexual health, gender and positive relationships.  It has been a great way to connect boys from diverse backgrounds and we look forward to working with the WiseGuyz team again this year.

GSA at MidSun
MidSun’s official start date for this year is Tuesday, November 3 at lunch.

What is a GSA?

A GSA is a school-based group run by students and supported by teachers that works to create safe, caring and inclusive spaces for LGBTQ students and their allies.

All students are welcome as we spread the words of kindness, acceptance and diversity throughout MidSun.

Natalie Norcross
Learning Leader, Student Services
MidSun School

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