Monday, 19 October 2015

What's happening in Math/Science?

October at Midsun
With October in full swing, and students settling into their classes, now is the time to set up good learning habits that will help our students be successful all year long. There are lots of things that students and parents can be doing at home to help facilitate the learning that is happening in the classroom!
Take a look below for some great learning opportunities that students can engage in outside of class time:

1)     Using Mathletics on a regular basis: All students have their own account with Mathletics and will have access to this great online learning tool all year! Not only does this program have practice questions and tests that directly align with what they are learning in the classroom, but it also provides opportunities to practice and improve their basic facts by competing against other classmates, the computer, or even other students on the other side of the world! Mathematics literacy is extremely important and many of our students often lack the skills the fundamental recall skills that help make learning more difficult concepts so much easier.

2)     The Key and SNAP study guides: A synervoice email was sent to all parents providing ordering information about these study guides that will reinforce concepts that are being taught in class. They are also great tools for studying for the final exams in June. If you would like more information or did not get the email, please feel free to email Jacquie Phillips at and she can get you the information you need.

3)   Science Fair: Midsun will once again be offering students the opportunity to take part in the 2016 Calgary Youth Science Fair. The annual city-wide Science Fair is open to students in Grades 5 to 12. Students will benefit in a variety of ways by completing a science fair project at the school level. For those students who wish to compete at the next level, our annual city-wide fair will also provide a healthy competitive environment. The fair is organised to benefit all students, regardless of whether or not they end up winning a major prize. The Science Fair experience is truly a unique learning opportunity that we highly recommend for your students. There will be an information meeting held during lunch or RTI time in October for students that are interested. Please feel free to contact Jacquie Phillips at or Doug Stretch at for more information.

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