Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Grade 8 Update from MidSun

Grade 8 Update:

What a busy first couple of months we have had in grade 8:  Parent teacher conferences, final selection of the SEAs students, large scale humanities/science audio/video project, a fabulous Remembrance Day Assembly and a French Fieldtrip to sample some ratatouille at a French restaurant.  There are 5 weeks left before Winter Break and so many events will be happening before then as well. 

It was great to have an opportunity at the parent conferences to share the many fabulous things the students have been doing.  We were glad to see how many parents checked on D2L for marks and assignments.  We are committed to offering the students access at home to the learning resources and information they need to be successful through our classroom D2L shells.  Please make sure that you check with your child about how each particular D2L page is organized and where to find assignments, announcements and marks.  As well, you should be contacting your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

This month, the grade 8’s have been working on a combined science/humanities project involving how we are impacting our water around the world.   Some students are working on reporting about the impact plastics have had on the oceans.  While other groups are reporting about the devastating effects of the sea star Wasting disease.  Each group has researched and created a broadcast to communicate the information that they have found.  We hope to be able to post some of these projects to our website.

There are five weeks left before Winter break.  It usually around this time of year that students lose track of many of the beautiful new supplies that they started the school year with.  It would be very helpful if the students could review what supplies they have and what needs to be replaced.  One item in particular is the calculator.  Many students have resorted to using cell phones as calculators.  We have asked that students refrain from having cell phones in the class unless they are being specifically used (as directed by the teacher) for learning such as research, audio/video recording or calendar reminders. 

We look forward to an eventful and spectacular last five weeks of 2015! 

Douglas C Stretch

Grade 8 Learning Leader, MidSun School
Calgary Board of Education | cbe.ab.ca
t | 403.777.6430 (3016)

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