Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Special Keynote Presentations For Students on April !5th

In December, our students responded to the Tell Them From Me Survey.  We were quite surprised by the results and have determined that there is a marked difference in the way our girls experience life at MidSun School than the way our boys experience it.  In order to respond to the concerns that were raised in the survey, we are holding two separate sessions on April 15th.  One for girls only and the other for boys only.

The girls will be participating in a Fearlessly Girl Summit lead by speaker, author, social entrepreneur and media expert, Kate Whitfield. Topics covered will include:
  • Leader girls – how to boost leadership skills & help girls express themselves authentically
  • Being too connected – what girls are up against on-line
  • Tips, strategies and exercises to strengthen the parent/daughter bond
Kate Whitfield will also be holding a parent evening that night at 7 PM in the library commons.  We need to work together in order to support our girls.

Boys will also have an opportunity to explore their issues in the afternoon with a keynote speaker from PMAST whose topic will be Make into Men. Topics covered in this presentation will include:
  • Identifying sources of anger and strong emotions
  • Appreciating the impact of peer and media pressure on creating self image
  • creating healthier relationships through empathy, integrity and accountability
We are grateful for the support of MSEES who have made these presentations possible. We believe that these presentations and the subsequent follow up in Laker Life classes will help us to improve our students' school experience and help us fulfill our vision to be a "School of Character".

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