Friday, 19 April 2013

Fearlessly Girl and Make into Men Presentations

On Monday April 15, 2013, Kate Whitfield presented a keynote speech and gave workshops to our girls and held an evening presentation for our parents.   We learned about the many pressures our girls are facing today and we were encouraged and challenged to look for the positives in ourselves and others.  Kate spoke about bringing kindness to all of our interactions with others. At our workshops, Kate asked each girl to write a note to other girls, encouraging them.  Examples of student responses are:
Dear Girls:

  • True beauty is always who you are, always stay strong and move on. The girls in the magazines and advertisements are fake, but your beauty is not. 
  • No matter what anyone says, just always remember that you are perfect the way you are
  • Be you
  • Don't put yourself or others down. It won't make you happier or better. You are beautiful no matter what. Believe in yourself!
The boys had the opportunity to have Ian Tuckey from PMAST present the keynote Make into Men.  Boys explored the reasons for conflict and ways to improve communication. Together we are working to create a kinder, more supportive school environment.

Special thanks to MSEES and our School Council for making these presentations possible.

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