Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Top Math Students take on Math Contest

This morning 41 students participated in the Euler, Lagrange and Newton Math Contests in the library. They were there for the first two periods this morning. 

Results will be sent to us in June. Scoring 80% is considered an exceptional result.

They put forth a very strong effort on some very challenging tests.

Congrats to the math-letes!!!!!

Your MidSun Math MIG,
Ms. Hama, Mr. Strachan, Ms. Marinescu and Ms. Hutchinson

Grade 7
Eleanor H, Brooklynn B, Andrew M, Divinity E, Fabian C, Brooke T, Ariel C, Cherise C, Brynna T, Lauren E, Natalie Ha, Kaitlyn M, Ashlyn D, Jillian H, Zachary M, Jenny L, Hassan K, Daniel M, Eric X, Kevin H, Kimberly H, Gabrielle C, Jax G, Carly A, Sydney W, Allen C

Grade 8
Britta D, Jin S, Ethan G, Koi M, Nikita S, Abigail T

Grade 9
Haley C, Diane O, Daniel F, Eric C, Ahsen I, Vidar V, Tyler M, Ian H, Jackie V

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