Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cross Country Update

A Congratulations to all cross country runners on a successful season.  An extra big 
congratulations to the boys with their first place aggregate standing. 

Aaron Y, Bethanie L, Brodie G, Carson P, Carter C, Carter G, Cole G, Emma F, Emma I, Erin G, Ethan Q,
 Grace M, Hannah D, Holt T, Ian W, Isabelle S, Jaeden W, Jason B, Jenna B, Juleah G, Kaitlyn H,
Katie M, Kayla M, Marshall W, Matt N, Matthew K, Michael R, Nikayla H, Oliver C, Olivia P, Owen D,
 Parker B, Rachel L, Robyn P, Sam W, Sarah B, Seth L, Taylor E, Zoe H, Alex R, Blake E, Blaze L,
Brooke T, Carson L, Cole P, Cole H, Daniel K, Jacob K, Kaitlyn M, Kim H, Matthew J, Natalie H, 
Tianna R, Cameron R, Kai S, Kaylee N, Koi M, Lucas D, Mitchell B, Parks L, Pierson M, Taylor S

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