Thursday, 28 November 2013

LINKages Program at Midsun

26 Students are participating this year in our LINKages program.  Once every two weeks they head over to the McKenzie Towne Centre and visit with a senior.  They play cards, listen to music, have conversations and share a laugh or two.  It is interesting to see them interact and realize that we have so much more that brings us together than what separates us.  This is one of the ways our students demonstrate strength in character and citizenship.  Congratulations to Nicky Amirault and her LINKages students: Alissa B, Kiana B, Pierce B, Trinity C, Sophia C, Cherise C, Lauren E, Shae E, Jessamie F, Natalie H, Samuel H, Jillian H, Jordan H, Mitchell M, Mikayla M, Kaylee N, Jordan P, Nicole R, Karen R, Caitlin S, Joseph T, Danielle T, Lyndsie T, Miranda W, Justin Y and Logan Y


More information on LINKages can be found at:

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