Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Midsun Mustache Fundrazor

Midsun Mustache Fundrazor to raise funds to find a cure for Pediatric cancers.

Several male teachers at Midsun (Mr. Pratt, Mr. Deighton, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Sherin and Mr. Woods) have carefully selected two or three particularly embarrassing mustache ‘alignments’ and posted their pictures around the school (see sample pictures below!). They will be growing out their beards and collecting donations for the first three weeks of November.

Whichever mustache alignment generates the most donations will be shaved into the unlucky faces for the final week of November.

As an added bonus, if we generate $4000 in total donations, Mr. McKnight will shave the mustache he has been growing since he was 19!

Please consider contributing to the cause—or growing your own mustache!

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