Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2012/2013 Accountability Pillar Survey Information

Parents of grade seven students will soon be receiving the Accountability Pillar Survey in the mail. This survey is an important tool for MidSun School to identify our areas of strength and the areas we need to work on. The parent survey is mailed from and returned directly to Alberta Education.  

As an annual check-up on the education system, the Accountability Pillar provides an opportunity for Alberta Education and school authorities to ensure that we’re equipping students for success.

The Accountability Pillar uses a set of 16 indicators consisting of surveys of students, parents and teachers on various aspects of quality; student outcomes such as dropout and high school completion rates; and provincial assessments of student learning.

From January to the end of February, Alberta Education will be conducting the annual Accountability Pillar Survey.  In January, parents of students in grade 7 will receive a survey from Alberta Education.  In February, students in grade 7 and all teachers will be completing their surveys online at school. 

All surveys are anonymous and ask questions about experiences with the school.  In addition to English and French, the parent survey is available in Chinese, Punjabi, Arabic, Blackfoot, Cree, Korean, Spanish and Tagalog. 

Your participation in the survey helps provide important information on the quality of education your child is receiving, so we encourage you to return your survey promptly.

Survey results will be available to school authorities in May 2013, and will be reported publicly as part of their 3-Year Education Plans and Annual Education Results Reports.

Please also be aware that “don’t know” answers impact results negatively.  The percentage of satisfied respondents is based on the total number of respondents. “Don’t know” responses count in the same category as the dissatisfied or very dissatisfied responses.  Students, teachers and parents who “don’t know” the answer to a particular question should skip that individual question if they don’t want their response to count as a negative one. 

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