Monday, 14 January 2013

Fun Lunch Schedule for the rest of the year

Hello everyone
I wanted to let you know that Fun Lunches have been booked on Healthy Hunger for all short days left this school year. Go to to pre-orders yours now. You can pay for all at once on your credit card!

Here are the upcoming dates:
Jan.18 – Extreme Pita (orders due today)
Jan.25 – no lunch (Carnival)
Jan.31 – Booster Juice
Feb.7 – Flying Wedge Pizza (Charity Bball Game)
Feb.8 – Subway
Feb.13 – Opa
Feb.22 – Booster Juice
Mar. 1 – Opa
Mar. 8 – Subway
Mar.15 – Extreme Pita
Mar.21 – Flying Wedge Pizza
Apr.5 – Extreme Pita
Apr.12 – Opa
Apr.18 – Booster Juice
Apr.26 – Subway
May 3 – Extreme Pita
May 10 – Flying Wedge Pizza
May 24 – Opa
May 31 – Booster Juice
Jun.7 – Subway
Jun.14 - Flying Wedge Pizza

Tatiana Ryall
Midsun Junior High School
403.777.6430 x.3035

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