Tuesday, 29 January 2013


With June and this year’s Provincial Achievement Tests (Grade 9) just around the corner, MidSun School is offering to order THE KEY study guides and SNAP workbooks at a huge discount from local bookstores.

These resources compliment classroom instruction, provide students with additional learning opportunities and practice at home. These materials are 100% aligned to the Alberta curriculum.

THE KEY study guide provides the student with a complete overview of the course, a table of correlations at the beginning of each unit to relate to curriculum expectations of each question, and detailed solutions for every question in the study guide. “The Key” is available in all four of the core subjects, English, Social, Math and Science for $17.00 a guide  (reg. price $29.95).  including GST and delivery.

The Student Notes & Problems (SNAP) workbooks are available for Math and Science at a cost of $18.50 a workbook including GST and delivery. These workbooks provide students with key definitions, formulas, reminders, steps and procedures to aid the student’s understanding of key concepts. Detailed solutions illustrate the problem-solving method used to arrive at the correct answer. 

Castle Rock Research, the creators of THE KEY study guides and SNAP workbooks has an informative website that parents and students can preview prior to making their decision to purchase. Please visit them at: www.castlerockresearch.com.

A form was sent home with your child last week with this information as well as an order form.  If you would like to purchase these items please complete the order form on the back of that letter. Payment can be made by cheque, credit card, or EXACT cash amount.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact either learning leader below.

D. Severin                                                                   A. Belseth
Learning Leader Math/Science                                   Learning Leader LA/SS
djseverin@cbe.ab.ca                                                   adbelseth@cbe.ab.ca

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