Thursday, 10 January 2013

Option Change Process for Semester 2

Starting on Monday, January 14 students will be able to request a change in second semester options, but completing an application will not guarantee a change. Those applications will be available on Monday, January 14, 2013.  Students will not be able to move into or out of Band and French easily; a parent conversation with the specific teachers will be necessary. Students will not be able to change their current Laker Life assignment.  These are the parameters for change requests:

Students will only be able to exchange options within the same option block (same day, same period). Changes will only be made when there is space in the desired course(s) and the desired option teacher agrees to take the student. That teacher's signature will be required. The teachers of those classes from which students are leaving will also need to sign the form. Options which student have previouly taken can only be repeated with a teacher’s permission.  Parent signatures are required on the application form.  Option changes will be done on a first-come first-served basis.  No changes would be considered official until such time as a student receives a revised timetable.  Otherwise students would need to attend their currently scheduled options. Applications  need to be completed and returned by Friday, January 18, 2013.  Incomplete application forms will not be processed.

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