Tuesday, 22 September 2015

School Technology/Complementary Program Update


My name is Mr. Tailor and as a part of the school Admin team, I co-ordinate the technology as well as support the complementary subjects at our school.  I would like to take this opportunity to talk about some of the exciting things that are happening at our school!

School Technology Update:
This year, teachers will have a D2L Shell and will be posting grades on the “Gradebook” portion of the class D2L shell. Please connect with your child’s teacher for more details.

A few years ago, MidSun school was asked to be the first school in North America to pilot the Light Raise interactive technology device.  Although this device physically looks like a typical projector, it is revolutionary because the projected image can be ‘manipulated’ by students.  Our feedback was used to finalize the  production device, which is now used throughout classrooms worldwide.  The device is the successor to the SmartBoard, and we recently  had a new device installed in a classroom bringing out total count to four.

MidSun school was also one of the first schools in the CBE to implement Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education to support learning. We have one of the largest set of Chromebooks in the entire Calgary board of Education. The devices are faster, easier to use, and provide better compatibility with Google Apps for Education.  Teachers and students have been using these technologies to make the teaching and learning come alive in classrooms by working with Mathletics, creating collaborative documents, and having real time teacher/peer feedback/comments through Google Docs.

Program Updates
All of our option programs are in full gear and mobilizing our students for unique opportunities in learning.  My teaching assignment consists of teaching all of the technology options at our school. This year, some of our design students will also be working on an E-Portfolio with MineCraft Education. Our Media students will be illustrating some cross-curricular learnings with Adobe Photoshop. Students in the Design Club will be setting up the 3D printer, and using that to fabricate models using an inquiry based approach. Students in Applied Technologies have been running their own Lemonade Stands, and compiling key data into a Spreadsheet.

Mr. Campbell will be hosting a Music Parents meeting this Thursday night (September 24th) at 6.30PM in the Atrium.

This year, we have two new talented teachers. Mr. Slaughter will be leading our Construction/Journalism program, and Ms. Johnson will be filling in for Ms. Watson to support our Foods/Fashion programs.  We are really excited to have Ms. Johnson and Mr. Slaughter as a part of our team. If you have some usable woodworking supplies (i.e usable wood etc), or spare fabric, please connect with them!

Also this year, our Drama program will be performing a student led performance. Ms. Smith will be relaying more details as they become available.  Stay tuned!

In Art class, we are underway creating beautiful art projects. Ms. Kaminki’s Art Club will be meeting every Thursday until 5:00pm. Do you have Styrofoam egg cartons lying around your home? The art room would love your donations of Styrofoam egg cartons for use in art class.  Please connect with Ms. Kaminski if you have any Styrofoam egg cartons.

From our French program, Ms. Ryall would like everyone to know that the Quebec Trip Parent Info meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th @ 6:30pm in the library for all interested families of Grade 9 French students. See parent letter (at the very end of this post) for more information.

In addition, students with an advanced French background have an opportunity to take an intensive online course through Alberta Distance Learning Centre (ADLC French Program). There was a mandatory lunch meeting today for all currently registered ADLC students. ADLC students had the opportunity to connect with their online teacher and clarify any questions or concerns.

I hope this updated was helpful. As always, please let know if I can be of any assistance. Until next time!

Learning Leader of Technology/Complementary Subjects
MidSun School

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