Thursday, 3 September 2015

MidSun Gym Strip

How wonderful it has been to welcome over 800 learners to MidSun School this September!  We have been busy getting to know everyone and settling in.  Our teachers are continuing to help students get to know one another and make some new friends.

We have several changes for this school year.  One is that we would like students who stay for lunch to go out side once they are finished eating.  This will be a great opportunity to get some fresh air before starting afternoon classes.

Another change is that one of the washrooms on the main floor will be converted to a gender neutral washroom.  Each floor has gender specific washrooms and the extra washroom by the main staircase will be available for all.  Our school's design is such that each toilet is in its own room so privacy is ensured.  As our school is a closed campus regular security measures are in place.  Students may now choose to use a gender specific or a gender neutral washroom and we believe this will help meet the needs of all of our learners and be inclusive to all.

We have had a number of questions about our gym strip.  We promote healthy hygiene and ask students to change for PE.  The gym strip is a great visual for our staff to ensure that students have changed.  Information on the options for the gym strip and order forms are available at:

Code: 3MIDSUN2015

We also ask that parents who pick up and drop off their students do so on the roads adjacent to the school.  This will leave the entry way clear for our handicap buses.  Thank you for your support with this as it will help us keep all learners safe.

Our Volleyball try outs for grade 8 and 9 have begun and our Cross Country team is looking to get as many students as possible to join. MidSun gets a point for each student who crosses the finish line at the cross country meets so schools with lots of participation have an advantage! Please encourage your child to come out and run for the Lakers!  Information about these opportunities is available in out Main Gym.

Stay Safe Lakers!

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