Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Physical Education Class

Gym Strip:

All students should have placed their order for gym strip on-line at this point.  The deadline was Sept. 14th and if students missed the deadline they need to talk to their PE teacher ASAP!  All students require a MidSun top and bottoms for PE class.

If your order was placed in September, the shipment will not arrive until mid-October.  We appreciate your patience on this matter.  Students need to bring a ‘change of clothes’ to participate in PE class until their MidSun clothing arrives.  If a student forgets to bring their gym strip to change into we will provide loaner gym strip to use for that class.  This gym strip is only worn once and then placed into a separate laundry bin to be washed.  If a student forgets their gym strip on a regular basis we will make contact with home to help support your son or daughter on being changed for class.   



Please ensure your son/daughter has shoes that are for physical activity.  Skater shoes or shoes that are meant for casual wear are not safe for running and physical activity.  Cross trainers are the best option as they provide support for a wide variety of activities.  If you have any questions about purchasing footwear for your son or daughter, please feel free to contact the PE office.  If a student is not wearing appropriate footwear, they will be given an alternate activity to safely participate in.


If your son or daughter is unable to participate in PE due to injury or illness we ask that you take a moment to write a note (handwritten is preferred and probably easiest as you run out the door in the morningJ) about what the injury/illness is; what activity your son or daughter should avoid; and a phone number where you can be reached in case we need to call for more clarification.

If your son or daughter is well enough to come to school we feel they are well enough to do some level of activity (i.e. walking around the soccer field instead of playing football).

If your son/daughter has sustained an injury that prevents them from participation we would assess the situation and if they are unable to be a part of the class – they could possibly ref a game or help the teacher with equipment.  

If the injury or illness is something that will affect your child’s ability to participate for longer than 3 days we would require a doctor’s note to explain what he/she should avoid doing and for the length of time they will need to recuperate and return fully to physical activity.


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