Friday, 25 September 2015

MidSun Laker Athletics Update


Our Cross Country team and Volleyball Teams are in full swing.  Congratulations to all who will be competing and representing MidSun to the best of their abilities.  Go Lakers!

Grade 7 Volleyball has now started up have been slotted in for one gym time per week.  It will alternate for boys and girls who will have the 7:30am practice time and the 3:45 – 5:00 time.  A full volleyball schedule for all teams has been posted on your student’s D2L Phys. Ed. shell and is also posted on the Blog.   Feel free to print one off and attach it to the fridge for future reference.


Grade 7 Girls Volleyball: Ms. Phillips and Ms. Curran

Grade 7 Boys Volleyball: Mr. Moulton and Ms. Davey

Grade 8 Girls Volleyball: Ms. Miles & Ms. Hennebury

Grade 8 Boys Volleyball: Mr. Stretch & Ms. Mazur

Grade 9 Girls Volleyball: Mr. Rae & Ms. Arnold

Grade 9 Boys Volleyball: Mr. Johnston & Miss Bartel

Cross Country (All grades): Mr. Bredahl & Ms. Ryall

Wrestling will be our next sports team coming up (in November) for our students to be a part of.  This is a non-cut team and all students interested are encouraged to come out and learn how to wrestle!  Those with experience will be put onto the senior team and beginners will be a part of the junior team.  MidSun will wrestle against other schools and some of our seniors have competed in the University of Calgary end of season tournament. 

Wrestling sign up will be available in the main gym for interested students towards the end of October. 

Head Coach: Ms. Hayden-Isaak

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